Sneak Peek of ‘Finding Escobar’s Millions’ Season Finale: Can Popeye be Trusted? (VIDEO)

Finding Escobar's Millions Season Finale Discovery Communications
Doug and Ben go to a billiard hall to meet with a trusted old friend, Joe Toft. Joe gives them the download on the notorious Gacha.

In the season finale of Finding Escobar’s Millions, former CIA agents Doug Laux and Ben Smith are hot on the trail of former drug lord Pablo Escobar’s hidden riches, but they’re running out of time. Their search has led them to Escobar’s former hitman Popeye, who hints about a possible stash of cash in the hometown of Escobar’s notorious former partner.

In this exclusive clip, Doug and Ben meet with Joe Toft — the DEA’s Chief Officer during the height of the Colombian drug war — to confirm the authenticity of their intel. They need to know if the info Popeye is offering is plausible and if their source, a former assassin, can be trusted.

Check it out:

It’s astounding how quickly people will turn on their former allies when there millions of dollars at stake. Everybody wants a piece and everyone has his price. And with the clock ticking on this massive search, the group needs to uncover big bucks if the Colombian government is going to allow them to continue the search.

Is Popeye a man who can be trusted? Will the team discover evidence of Pablo Escobar’s hidden millions? Will there be a season 2 of Finding Escobar’s Millions? So many questions!

Finding Escobar’s Millions: Season Finale > Discovery Channel > Friday, Dec. 8 at 10pm ET/PT 

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