Missed The Carol Burnett 50th Anniversary Special? Here’s How to Tune In!

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If you missed The Carol Burnett 50th Anniversary Special thanks to holiday plans or holiday brain fog and are howling a Tarzan yell of protest, fear not.

Not only is it ultra easy to check out CBS’s homage to the queen of comedy and her iconic variety show, but you have nearly two months to do so. Or two months to watch it every single day, because everything’s better with Burnett.

To honor the show’s timeless good humor, the two-hour special reunited Burnett (now 84), Lawrence (68) and Waggoner (82) on the show’s original stage alongside a host of actors, singers and comedians who shared what the show meant to them and took part in tributes and musical numbers. “We have 18 guest stars on the show! Eighteen!” Burnett told us. “It was just a plethora of goodies. Martin Short and Jim Carrey, they’re in the salute to Tim Conway, so they talk about some of the sketches that Tim did that made them laugh and we show those clips. We have a salute to Harvey that Jay Leno and Bill Hader are a part of. We have a little musical segment around the piano  — and then a surprise entrance!”



To catch the celebration right here on your computer or tablet, just head over to CBS.com. Prefer your TV? The special is also part of CBS All-Access into mid-January (newbies can try it for free) and on the CBS app if the reeeeeeally small screen is more your style.

Then click here to check our exclusive interview with Carol in which she tells about the earliest days of the show, her favorite moments and characters, why she decided to let the series go out on top, and more.

Tell us: What are your favorite memories from The Carol Burnett Show?


  1. This show deserves repeating., We need more of this entertainment today, to help forget our troubles and cheer us up!!

  2. Finding once in a while the skits seemed to be continuious and entertaining , one bing where Edi Gormay & Carol sang a tune or two and it truly was impressive , thebst skit i remember today and would like to see again was when her daughter came home with her boyfriend and his parents wo were small people . Only two people on the planet could have done that as wonderfully as it was preformed , Carol and Lucy .

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