‘Gold Rush’ Preview: Hoffman Crew Tries to Make History

Jason Elias/Discovery Channel

This week’s episode of Gold Rush (Friday at 9/8c) may go down in the show’s history books. Todd Hoffman — in true Todd style — is legitimately trying to make history by pushing his team to run 800 yards an hour through his three washplants. Todd’s playing catch up — he’s four weeks behind — but still believes they can make the obscene season goal of 5,000 ounces.

“We’re going to kick ass,” Todd says, as he rallies his team.

It looks like it may be doable, too. Freddy Dodge finally has the water he needs to start sluicing. Rusty Red is all set and water starts a pouring when Freddy gets a call that brings their operation to a stop.

“I don’t know what’s going on,” a pissed-off Freddy shares with the team. “Cease and desist means stop whatever the @##$ you are doing, I guess.” He’s got no time to spare, and he takes off to the county office to get some answers.


  1. “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 16:18 Todd wants to come off as a Christian who puts everything in God’s hand, but his pride shows a different man. I don’t want to be a pious man myself because we’re all sinners, but when we see someone like Todd letting his pride speak for himself instead of God, we need to say something.

  2. I know this property as the owner tried to sell it to me.
    This property was already mined before leasing to Hoffman, sorry I take his side. The owner also knew it was residential not permitted for mining, I would file suite!

  3. I haven’t watched Gold Rush for two years now, and this will be my third. This is a story of a big mouth, greedy Todd Hoffman. He has got to be the laziest person on earth, besides being so terrible greedy, and abusive with his equipment and his crew. Even his son cannot tolerate him.

    Parker was, when he was younger, a very likable kid, However, the last time I watched Gold Rush, and all the TV previews of the new season, I am determined that I will not even think about watching this program again !! Parker is turning in another greedy, abusive miner, just like loud mouth, lazy Hoffman. He was taught so much by his GrandPa, but has turned into a young snot!! He is no manager of anything, especially his employees. What a jerk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Then there is the foul mouthed Tony, who is bleeped constantly, because of his foul mouth. How can producers allow this junk on TV ??

    So glad to hear that Dave left this circus. He was the only sensible man, of any of the mining crews. Best wishes to Dave, for really enjoying life, now that he is away from Loud Mouth!!!!

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