On Demand DVD New Releases Sept. 25-Oct. 1

Transformers: The Last Knight © Paramount Pictures

On Demand DVD New Releases Sept. 25-Oct. 1

Transformers: The Last Knight (pictured above) In troubled times, humans and Transformers are engaged in a war. Optimus Prime is gone, and without a leader, chaos reigns. Within the madness, Cade Yeager must team with the iconic Bumblebee and others to uncover the hidden history of Transformers on Earth to save both races. Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Hopkins, Josh Duhamel (PG-13, 2:29) 9/26 

47 Meters Down Two sisters are vacationing in Mexico when they decide to try something new and go diving. But when the cage they are in breaks away from the boat and sinks to the ocean floor, the trip turns from amazing sightseeing to a fight for survival. Claire Holt, Mandy Moore, Matthew Modine (PG-13, 1:29) 9/26

Crash Pad  A young man having an affair with an older woman tries to blackmail her, but his plan backfires when the husband decides to get back at his wife by moving in with her lover. Thomas Haden Church, Christina Applegate (R) 9/26 Pre-theatrical release

Literally, Right Before Aaron Invited to an ex-girlfriend’s wedding, Adam must confront his unresolved feelings for the bride while trying to convince himself — and everyone else — that he is really happy for her. Justin Long, Cobie Smulders (TV-14, 1:45)  9/29 Same day as theatrical release

Take Every Wave: The Life Of Laird Hamilton This documentary tells the story of American surfing icon Laird Hamilton, who changes the sport of big wave surfing forever. The hardcore athlete explores the fear, courage and ambition that pushed him to greatness — and the costs that came with it. (TV-14, 1:58) 9/29 Same day as theatrical release

The Sound  A supernatural skeptic tries to debunk paranormal sightings using low frequency sound waves in an abandoned subway staton. Her beliefs are put to the test when unforseen evil forces her to face her darkest memories. Rose McGowan, Christopher Lloyd  (TV-MA)  9/29 Same day as theatrical release

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