WWE Superstar Bayley on Staying Inspired While Recovering from Injury

Bayley Courtesy WWE

The WWE 2K18 kickoff event during SummerSlam week brought out a number of WWE superstars. The New York City outing helped Bayley feel a part of SummerSlam after having to pull out of her women’s championship match due to injury.

Another welcome distraction was her and Sasha Banks’ search for their favorite comedian and noted wrestling fan, Aziz Ansari. The two launched a social media campaign in hopes the Master of None actor would attend the company’s “Biggest Party of the Summer.”

“When we got his brother to respond to us on Twitter, we felt like we met him. They were actually not in New York, so we didn’t physically see him, but we kind of know where he is now. So that search has been a lot of fun,” she said.

“Being a part of 2K event is really cool since I wasn’t on SummerSlam, and it sucks that I’m not actually wrestling. However, I still get to feel a part of something so huge as this. Visiting the children hospitals is one of the most rewarding things for us. So even if I were to do one of those every day, I feel it would be a successful week.”

It has been a roller coaster ride year for Bayley, who worked WrestleMania as champion and was one of the first women of WWE to see their likeness in Mattel fashion doll form. The reveal was a surreal moment for the 28-year-old. From videogames to action figures, the lifelong fan takes it all in stride.

“The fact I have multiple action figures is crazy. You see them come with the headband, tassels and inflatable men. They really put a lot of time into those,” she said.

Bayley’s passion for WWE shines through every time she enters an arena. Her relatable nature resonated early on in NXT. The Raw superstar couldn’t be happier for how women’s wrestling has evolved and is grateful to be a part of it. Bayley’s made it a point to attend the first-ever Mae Young Classic, featuring 32 women from around the world competing in a tournament. The first four episodes premiere August 28 on WWE Network.

Credit: Nick Mayberry

“It was incredible. I stayed both nights and sat in the crowd the whole time. I didn’t want to sit in the back and watch on the monitor. I sat out there because there are so many of my friends who are on it,” Bayley said.

“All of those girls deserve to be in that tournament. I think the fans don’t even know what to expect. They are not going to know what hit them. Once they watch, it won’t take long for them to see how good it is. Words can’t really describe it.”

When Bayley is need of inspiration, she turns to wrestling.  It keeps her going when times are tough and a situation like an injury occurs.

“I will watch what made me fall in love with it in the first place,” she said. “It keeps me going. I kind of started doing CrossFit, so now I’m training with these CrossFit people. They motivate me to make a better lifestyle for myself. It’s a very healthy lifestyle. So that is where I have been pulling motivation from these days, especially being injured.”

As for the injury, Bayley is hoping for good news. The proud hugger wants to pick up where she left off.

“It’s a separated shoulder. I’m getting checked out in a month again, so we will see where I am after that,” Bayley said. “Then I will have a better timeframe.”

No doubt Bayley will be leaving Aziz a ticket at the box office for her eventual return match.

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