Meet Cambrie Schroder (Ricky’s Daughter) Of ‘Growing Up Supermodel’

Cambrie Schroder of Lifetime's Growing Up Supermodel Lifetime

Just because your mommy or daddy is beautiful and famous, that doesn’t mean you get the fast pass to fame, fortune and success. In Lifetime’s new docuseries Growing Up Supermodel (Wednesdays, 10/9c), cameras follow a group of aspiring models with famous last names as they struggle in a cutthroat industry. Cambrie Schroder, daughter to the beloved Silver Spoons and NYPD Blue star Ricky Schroder, is just one of the ladies featured, along with her younger sister Faith.

What’s a day in the life of Cambrie and Faith Schroder like?
Faith and I are inseparable. We do everything from tanning at the beach, to drinking smoothies (and learning to make them), going to photo shoots, and walking in runway shows. I am passionate about health and fitness, and so you will find me not only taking workout classes but teaching them.

People often assume life is so much easier for you. Why can having a famous name be difficult in this industry or on you in particular?
Once people are able to have an inside look at our lives, they will realize that we struggle with the same exact things every other person in the workforce does. Just because my dad has a career and an established life, that doesn’t mean that I do. I have to work just as hard and sometimes even harder to create my own image, and a career that isn’t tied to who my dad is. My favorite part about having a famous family member is disassembling people’s expectations by showing myself in a much more humble, kind and hardworking light than they could ever imagine.

Growing up, when and how did you first realize your dad was famous?
It was always my teachers in school that were sure to remind me that my dad is famous. For as long as I can remember, on the first day of school my girl teachers would tell me that they had pictures of my dad in their lockers and the boy teachers would say how much they admired him in all the cop shows and Western movies. Time and time again, people tell me that my dad was the Justin Bieber of his time. I can’t help but to burst out into laughter when I hear that … there is just no way. Justin is cool and hot … the Ricker, not so much.

What would surprise people to know about the modeling industry?
People would be surprised to know that having an agent in the modeling industry doesn’t always mean that you will be a successful working model. Faith and I have never had so much work than when we book all of our own jobs, and negotiate all of our own rates outside of an agency. It could also be shocking to know that most companies find us and book us through Instagram.

What’s the best makeup tip someone shared with you?
To only use colors on your eyes that you would put on your cheeks. That will ensure that your look is always natural and helps you perfectly obtain the “no makeup” makeup look.

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