Retro TV Road Trip: 15 Vacation Stops For TV Lovers

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Summer’s long days are perfect for exploring somewhere new, and we suggest a road trip inspired by some of our favorite television classics. Whether you’re in search of statuesque homages to TV heroes, or just famous TV homes, set a course for this trip down TV memory lane.

Samantha Stephens Statue
Lappin Park, Salem, Mass.

Bewitched star Elizabeth Montgomery atop a broomstick is a captivating sight, but the residents of Salem, Mass., weren’t initially thrilled with a statue that highlighted the town’s witch-hunting past. Besides, Samantha, Darrin and Tabitha lived in Connecticut, not Massachusetts!

The Cheers Bar
84 Beacon St., Boston

The patrons of Boston’s Bull & Finch Pub saw their humble watering hole turn into a major drinking destination thanks to external shots of the bar used in the NBC sitcom Cheers. In celebration of the series, in 2002 the pub was renamed “Cheers Beacon Hill” and another bar was added to the building’s ground floor that resembles the set of the TV series. Today, employees are used to shouts of “Norm!” from tourists who long for a beer at the spot where everybody knows your name.

The Seinfeld Restaurant
2880 Broadway (Broadway and West 112th Street), New York City

Jerry and his pals supped many times at Monk’s, and you can grab your own nosh at Tom’s Restaurant, which was used for the external shots of the Seinfeld eatery.

Ralph Kramden Statue
Port Authority Bus Terminal, New York City

Jackie Gleason starred as the lovably gruff New York City bus driver Ralph Kramden in the series The Honeymooners, so it makes perfect sense for this bronze homage to spend its days among commuters.

Lucille Ball Statue
21 Boulevard Ave., Jamestown, N.Y.

Lucille Ball’s hometown erected a statue of Lucy as Lucy Ricardo in I Love Lucy’s famous Vitameatavegamin scene. But when the statue was dubbed “Scary Lucy” for its lack of resemblance to the TV icon, a gorgeous replacement was commissioned that paid proper tribute to TV’s beloved redhead.

Andy and Opie Taylor Statue
Mount Airy and Raleigh, N.C.

The Andy Griffith Show holds such a place of high pride in the state of North Carolina that the series has two statues commemorating it. The first, depicting Andy and Opie — played by Andy Griffith and Ron Howard — strolling with their fishing poles, was erected in Raleigh. Griffith’s hometown of Mount Airy served as the inspiration for the fictional TV town, so a copy was placed there, too.

Roseanne’s House
619 S. Runnymeade Ave., Evansville, Ind.

The Conner family of ABC’s Roseanne hailed from fictional and hardscrabble Lanford, Ill., but the real home used for external shots is in the southern Indiana town of Evansville.

Dr. Robert Hartley Statue
Navy Pier sculpture garden, Chicago

The doctor is always in with this Chicago statue celebrating The Bob Newhart Show. Fans can recline on an accompanying couch and tell Newhart — in his famous TV role as a psychologist — exactly what’s on their mind.

The Bronze Fonz
North Riverwalk Way, Milwaukee

Ayyyy! Nothing is cooler than strolling Milwaukee’s riverfront and snapping a pic with the Happy Days’ Arthur Fonzarelli.

Mary Richards Statue
7th St. & Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis

This iconic statue of Mary Tyler Moore as Mary Richards tossing her hat skyward in the opening credits of the Minneapolis-set The Mary Tyler Moore Show has been temporarily moved inside Minneapolis Visitor Information on Nicollet due to construction in the area, but Mary and her tam-o’-shanter will return outdoors in late 2017 once the project is complete.

James Garner Plaza
West Main Street and South Jones Avenue, Norman, Okla.

The legendary TV star was memorialized in his hometown by a plaza that bears his name and a statue that bears his likeness. The bronze statue of Garner in his Maverick days is nearly 10 feet tall, but we bet that around these parts the legend of this favorite son looms even larger.

Southfork Ranch
3700 Hogge Drive, Parker, Texas

Imagine that you are swooping in your helicopter up the legendary driveway of Southfork Ranch; you can hear the Dallas theme music, can’t you? Well, you can turn dreams into reality with a tour of the 200-acre ranch that was home to the Ewing family on the CBS drama, the TNT reboot and two Dallas reunion movies. Yee-haw!

Walter White’s House
3828 Piermont Drive NE, Albuquerque, N.M.

The humble abode of Breaking Bad’s mild-mannered chemistry teacher turned ruthless drug kingpin is a real house that you can drive by. But please, don’t throw any pizzas on top of the garage.

 The Brady House
11222 Dilling St., Los Angeles

This groovy, mid-century split-level home is still a popular place for fanatics of The Brady Bunch to visit, nearly 50 years after the series first premiered on TV. The homeowners had to erect a fence around the property to keep curious folks from stopping by unannounced.

Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park
1218 Glendon Ave., Los Angeles

This tiny cemetery has massive star power and serves as the final resting place for Tinseltown legends including Marilyn Monroe, Donna Reed, Dean Martin, Natalie Wood, Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau.

The Tanner House
1709 Broderick St., San Francisco

ABC’s Full House and the Netflix reboot Fuller House use the same San Francisco row house for external shots. In 2016, veteran TV producer Jeff Franklin — who created both sitcoms — purchased the residence for $4 million and has plans to preserve it for fans.