Discovery takes ‘Gold Rush’ to the ‘Devil’s Canyon’ in new series

Devil's Canyon Discovery Communications

Gold Rush fans will love Devil’s Canyon, Discovery’s newest series that goes deep into British Columbia, where there is an actual gold rush happening (like for real) in an area known as Devil’s Canyon. Apparently, hundreds of millions of dollars in gold are waiting for anyone who is willing to risk their life to get it. (Yeah, we are on our way now.)

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Gold miners Boyce Goff, Ben van der Valk and John Belcik separately venture deep into the forest, past where big mining companies can reach, in search of the next big pay streak. No roads, no trails, no camera crew (isn’t this a TV show?), no help. A good formula for good TV. They must pack in everything they need to mine and survive in the cruel wilderness of Devil’s Canyon.

Alone for weeks, and self-documenting their experiences, the three men are caught in a tug-of-war between searching for gold and doing whatever it takes to survive. With the threat of winter quickly approaching, Ben, John and Boyce must decide on how far they are willing to push themselves in this canyon that has claimed the lives of thousands of men before them. It’s man vs. nature in one of the harshest environments on Earth, all for the chance to steal the Devil’s gold.

Take a look at this exclusive preview of Devil’s Canyon:

Devil’s Canyon premieres Tuesday, June 6 at 10pm ET.


  1. Or… if you can’t get out and do it for whatever reason, just buy some BGM stock and hope the ‘pros’ can make it worth your while.

  2. Good god, Boyce is a real whiner. Why doesn’t the gold just mail itself to your house ?

  3. If these men are Americans what the hell are they doing mining gold here in Canada,if trump won’t put up with illegal imagrients ,why is the fucking Canada goverment allowing this ?????????

  4. Enough of whimps crying in a tent pegged in a river bore area, man O man anyone with an ounce of sense wouldn’t pitch a tent on a gravel bar ! Stop allowing inexperienced ppl go off into the wilderness alone.

  5. Agree with Russ, Prospertor John taught us years ago and he has an uncanny ability to find gold, must be why they put him on the 3rd show,it will be interesting, anyway we are going to see him in Cooper Landing Ak down on the Keni ,mid july, if anyone is wanting to learn John is the guy to see

  6. I have no respect for a wimp that sits in a tent and cries like a baby. You knew what was ahead. Boo hoo. Why watch a little baby who on the first night cries. Dude,the only reason to watch you is to see you make even more of a fool of yourself. Go home to mommy and cuddle. Half way thru the show CLICK. I’m off to find a real man show that doesn’t show a wimp crying wanting food.

  7. I’m game. Let’s go. Been in Las Vegas for 20+ years. Ready to try my luck elsewhere. Can we do it in the spring,though? I hate snow!

  8. It boggles the mind to wonder why they would wait until winter is about to descend upon them to go off into the farthest Northern wilderness alone and without backup sufficient food supplies expecting to be able to mine there for a season. Why did they wait to go at the end of the fall season, guaranteeing their failure and putting themselves in so much danger?

    • Knem, let me help to unboggle your mind. I have lived in these parts of Canada and BC in particular the majority of my life. The winter snow pack in the western mountains of this part of the world can be extreme to say the least. That’s why destination ski resorts like whistler Are so popular. when summer finally graces us with her presence this high snow melt begins to diminish engorging the rivers and creeks that drain the mountains to the Pacific Ocean. The water levels can fluctuate dramatically in a very short period of time depending on the Ed and flow of warmth. Here’s the unboggle part. Only towards the end of summer does the levels of the creeks and rivers reach there lowest point and become somewhat more predictable ( depending on rain ). Thus making it the only time of the year that the exposed cobble stone and backwater areas potentially rich with gold deposits are revealed and hopefully accessible…….but. Old man winter is on his way! It’s the price many have payed. And many more have yet to pay. No more beautiful but deadly enviroment would a man be blessed to experience…….hope this helps!

    • the only devils canyon i know is the one by well.
      but i just watched a show and they had a sat pic of where the old guy is camped and it showed the foots of the rockies..sort of around the fernie area

  9. I am ready to roll and get that gold. I’ve been to the doctor he has confirmed I have Gold Fever

  10. I’m ready to go anytime. Anyone else want to team up. There only one life let’s make it happen. What an adventure and the gold.

  11. Congratulations to my brotherJohn for his role in this exciting new series!

  12. If anyone can find gold and survive – it is Prospector John! A huge fan of his!

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