Discovery takes ‘Gold Rush’ to the ‘Devil’s Canyon’ in new series

Devil's Canyon Discovery Communications

Gold Rush fans will love Devil’s Canyon, Discovery’s newest series that goes deep into British Columbia, where there is an actual gold rush happening (like for real) in an area known as Devil’s Canyon. Apparently, hundreds of millions of dollars in gold are waiting for anyone who is willing to risk their life to get it. (Yeah, we are on our way now.)

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Gold miners Boyce Goff, Ben van der Valk and John Belcik separately venture deep into the forest, past where big mining companies can reach, in search of the next big pay streak. No roads, no trails, no camera crew (isn’t this a TV show?), no help. A good formula for good TV. They must pack in everything they need to mine and survive in the cruel wilderness of Devil’s Canyon.

Alone for weeks, and self-documenting their experiences, the three men are caught in a tug-of-war between searching for gold and doing whatever it takes to survive. With the threat of winter quickly approaching, Ben, John and Boyce must decide on how far they are willing to push themselves in this canyon that has claimed the lives of thousands of men before them. It’s man vs. nature in one of the harshest environments on Earth, all for the chance to steal the Devil’s gold.

Take a look at this exclusive preview of Devil’s Canyon:

Devil’s Canyon premieres Tuesday, June 6 at 10pm ET.


  1. I’m on episode 5 and so far it’s been 99.5% about guys setting up camps,following them around while complaining how hard and difficult things are,moaning and crying and even more complaints how hard it is and how hungry they are..I’m so disappointed with this show..where’s the bloody gold mining part? It has to be the worst show on discovery to date..okay gold rush and gold divers will always take some beating because they show actual GOLD mining and prospecting and not a 45 min show about a guy putting up a tent and trying to light a’s utter far a a show about gold prospectors it has zero entertainment value..while the idea is good if I wanted to watch a show about survival that was more a scripted drama I would watch bear grylls.
    The show has been pushed as one about GOLD prospecting yet we are lucky if we get to see 2 or 3 minutes of this each episode..
    I feel bad for the real men and women who actually do this for real as this show paints a poor picture.
    And as always they can not make a program without showing someone killing an innocent wild animal when there is no need you I suspect these guys have more than enough food and access to plenty more..

  2. Terrible fake show, they did not pack in (first show) all the gear they now have, so some else packed in or air dropped the rest. Why fake the struggle to hike in with only what they could “carry” and then trying to get people interested in the “quest” to survive in devils canyon ( when it is a cakewalk with all the extra help)

  3. As a documentary producer I can’t believe how terribly structured this show is. It’s so scripted as to be laughable and knowing where the Devils Canyon is in BC it must have been tough to keep the telephone poles out of the shots….deep wilderness??? Other than old John who has already spent too much time alone in the bush…Ben and Boyce should just give us all a break and leave all their gear behind and just go home where they can wine to their women….for love of humanity don’t dare have season 2… because if this show isn’t scripted these guys are too stupid to really be alone out there.

    • In the episode Boyce was hauling in his “high bar” sluice, there was one quick shot of him pulling it and ahead of him thru the trees you car see a white car LOL

  4. just watched an episode and seen one of these guys chop a tree down, which lands in a fish bearing creek..totally illegal in B.C.
    plus i hope these guys are from B.C. cause if they are NOT and are hunting, also illegal, they will need a guide and the proper paper work..

  5. I panned nearly 3 ounces of gold there 5 years ago. Way before all the bullshit you guys put on tv…

  6. As a long time alaskan and hunter and trapper, i am disgusted with the garbage put out for profit that is completly rehearsed,i just watched part of devils canyon,what a load of bullshit,my buddy hauled gear for you people and i cant believe what you do for ratings and your precious money

  7. I think that it’s time to pull the plug on the discovery channel this show along with bush people and Yukon man are total bullshit !
    They are all a bunch of low life loosers

  8. How do I sign up? I would love to set out on my own adventure and try to seek out my own fortune. Please help me discovery not sure I have the experience those boys do but I’m sure no stranger to the woods. Just looking for a little help making a dream come true. Thanks and hopefully I hear from you guys.

  9. Too much drama quit complaining your making money they’re probably paying you also
    Suck it up butter cup just do it

    If I had the chance I would do it I’m disabled
    Work everyday well 6 days a week driving truck
    And your complaining really get a life
    You have known idea I have no retirement
    I’m 61 ex military. My wife and I yes I do a lil panning in Ohio slim pickings but it’s my life

    If you can’t handle the woods go back to the city

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