Tom Ellis Dishes Details on the Devilishly Charming ‘Lucifer’

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It seems there’s a lot of sympathy for the devil. FOX’s drama series Lucifer returns with new episodes beginning Monday, continuing Season 2 of Lucifer Morningstar’s (Tom Ellis) adventures among us mortals.

In January’s winter finale, Lucifer literally went through hell to save Chloe (Lauren German), but the experience left him embittered toward his parents. In the spring premiere episode, “Candy Morningstar” (May 1 at 9pm ET/PT) Lucifer has been completely incommunicado for two weeks. He suddenly reappears with a new mystery woman named Candy (guest star Lindsey Gort) on his arm, which causes tension between him and Chloe. Meanwhile, Lucifer’s mom (Tricia Helfer) realizes she may have found a way to finally get them back to heaven.

Exploring the lighter side of the Prince of Darkness has been fun for Ellis, who succeeds at making such a contradictory and complex character so charming and endearing. Lucifer’s emotional confusion stands out in Monday’s episode, as he tries to convince Chloe that she still needs him around. “The Lucifer way to approach things is just to say he’s over stuff and pretend it hasn’t happened and that everyone else will just play along and fall in,” Ellis says. “And then of course, he realizes that it’s not that simple. This humanity thing is much more complicated. There are repercussions to actions and people’s feelings and sensitivities and all those sorts of things. He’s not used to dealing with all of that.”

A quirk in FOX’s scheduling resulted in Season 2 being cut short, but Ellis reassures us that this is a good thing. The Season 2 finale is May 29, but Season 3 will be longer and include four stand-alone episodes that explore characters and events (like how Lucifer met Candy) outside of the normal story arc. “It’s given us the opportunity to play around with the show and what people think the format of the show is and explore different characters,” Ellis says. “People have really become attached to the characters in the story, and we’re able to indulge that slightly now.”

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