Exclusive Preview: Tempers Elevate On ‘Gold Rush Parker’s Trail’

Gold Rush Parker's Trail on Discovery Channel Discovery Channel

Here’s an exclusive preview to tonight’s episode of Gold Rush Parker’s Trail (airing Friday, April 7 at 9/8c on Discovery), it’s the second episode in the three-part limited series. Gold Rush’s Parker Schnabel and Rick Ness, along with wilderness guide Karl Ann Charlton and cameraman James Levelle need to navigate the lock system at the Lewes Dam, which marks the start of the Yukon River. They run into a problem when they can’t get the dam to open. Tempers elevate between Parker and James over finding a solution.

Watch the video below:

As the most successful miner in Gold Rush history (he’s brought in over $13 million in gold), 22-year-old Parker has proven he’s quick to troubleshoot when problems arise. He knew what he was signing up for when he set off on this venture.

“I’ve been mining for 10-plus years, and for six of them I’ve been working towards trying to be more and more in control of my surroundings. That’s part of the reason why I wanted to do this—to get yourself out of your element and out of control,” Parker told us. “To put yourself into these situations where every factor that is working for or against you, you have no control over.

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Gold Rush Parker’s Trail (Fridays) follows the four-some as they document their retracing of the legendary Klondike Gold Rush trail, a trail used in the late 1890s by thousands of brave souls who journeyed the frozen North’s treacherous terrains and freezing temperatures in search of gold.