New to On Demand: Miss Sloane

Miss Sloane © 2016 EuropaCorp - France 2 Cinema All Rights Reserved

Washington, D.C., is a place that can swallow those who don’t have a thick skin. Let’s be honest: Many of the biggest decisions aren’t made as simply as voting thumbs up or down on legislation. Countless individuals work around the clock to persuade elected officials to cast votes on one particular side. In the new movie Miss Sloane, we take a look at some of those people who drive legislation.

Elizabeth Sloane (Jessica Chastain) is one of the most powerful people in Washington. When she is brought in to lead a team, she gets the job done. Some may have a conflicted view of her methods, but she is a winner.

When she suddenly leaves the firm she is a part of to join the opposing side working to pass a gun bill, everyone is shocked and the battle lines are drawn. At her new employer, Elizabeth’s unorthodox approach has some people falling in line and others being  shown the door.

Esme Manucharian (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) believes in the cause and Elizabeth is quick to target her as someone who is a good public face. Esme is initially skeptical about becoming a media darling, but with the work Elizabeth is doing behind the scenes, she needs someone to step up.

Can they win this epic gun legislation battle or will their opponents pounce on all the cracks they can find to not only take down the legislation, but also eliminate Elizabeth as well?

With Elizabeth, Jessica Chastain is able to create a character we dislike in so many ways. The layering of her personal makeup to become the person she is today is filled with landmines that we only scratch the surface of, but thanks to a marvelous performance, we can forgive some of the film’s pitfalls.

Pairing Chastain with Mbatha-Raw in the Esme role was a wise casting decision. Mbatha-Raw is the perfect antithesis to Chastain’s driven and win-at-all-costs performance. Esme believes deeply in the battle she is fighting and wants to do anything within reason to win, but she tries to remain true to herself throughout and I just wanted to hug Mbatha-Raw on a couple of occasions.

The film can be messy at times, almost trying to be too cute in telling a truly scattered narrative, but the performances pull it through. Miss Sloane is a film that will interest even those who aren’t thrilled with politics — this type of film gives you a glimpse inside how the strings are really pulled, in a fictitious way of course. Miss Sloane is tough, smart and she’s got it, and because of that we get another magnificent performance from Jessica Chastain. I want her on my side!

Miss Sloane is available On Demand beginning March 21. Check your cable system for availability.