Jane the Virgin Chapter 57 recap: The Proposal

Jane-the-Virgin-Chapter-Fifty-Seven-Rafael-Jane Scott Everett White/The CW

There’s nothing wrong with some girl power, but it looks like Jane needs to work on her gender bias on this week’s episode of Jane the Virgin.  She can start by allowing some men to have a say in her life, including her editor. That’s going to be difficult.

Okay, is this editor a high school jock? Everything this guy seems to care about is related to sports and partying. I’m just as shocked as Jane when he tells her that he wants to see more obstacles in her novel. You know, the one she wrote about based on her life which contains quite the number of obstacles. Plus, she dramatized it already.

Uh oh. Jane overheard one of the PTA moms gossiping about Mateo and his behavior with the director of the school, Gwen. She basically told the two to go jump off a bridge and now Jane has to repair her relationship with Gwen.

Ugh. I can already tell I don’t like Abbey. She wants to move in with Raf and somehow expected him to be on the same page after a year.

Petra catches Rafael’s jail buddy, Elvis, messing around with the vents in her suite. The only reason Elvis is inside Petra’s room is because Rafael told him that Petra would be out on a date with Chuck. Luckily Petra forgot her phone and had to run back up to her room and caught Elvis before he left the building.

No one can outsmart Petra. She immediately checks the vent and finds a red journal inside. It must mean something to Petra because she cancels her date with Chuck and hides the journal.

Since Mateo’s becoming quite the little monster, Rafael and Jane hire an aide, Carly, to help Mateo while at school.

Colleen Hayes/The CW

Jane needs to impress Gwen so she volunteers to work at the school’s fundraiser at The Marbella. Leave it to Jane to bond with Gwen over how bitchy the other moms are while washing dishes. I love it.

After speaking with her editor, Jane realizes she needs to up the drama on the whole love triangle with her character and those of Michael and Rafael. However, it’s not going to be that easy. Jane feels like she’s betraying Michael by deepening her love with Rafael’s character.

Alba convinces Jane that Michael would have wanted Jane to write the best possible book she could. Plus, falling in love with Rafael and then making her way back to Michael only deepened their true love. Now, Jane has her story.

Bruce becomes the therapist that Rogelio and Xo need. He sits the two down and tells them that not only is their family happier when they’re cooperating but they are both also happier. Xo agrees to put things in the past with Rogelio as he promises not to harm her reputation again.

I cannot believe Petra is actually telling the truth for once! After she finally realizes that she likes Chuck and everything seems to be going smoothly, she tells him what she did with Scott’s bones. As expected, Chuck leaves Petra after finding out she almost ruined his career.

Scott Everett White/The CW

Rafael was ready to tell Abbey that he was willing to move in together until he had a heart-to-heart conversation with a drunken Petra at the fundraiser. She told him that it’s clear he doesn’t want to move in with Abbey and that he needs to let her go.

Once Rafael comes clean about how he truly feels with Abbey moving in, she whips out the card that he was going to give her that night, celebrating the good news of moving in together. She asks him what really changed his mind, even though she overheard his conversation with Petra, and Rafael doesn’t have a really good answer. Abbey pouts as she walks out of Rafael’s room, now single.

Oh no! Bruce was going to surprise Xo by proposing to her at her dance studio when Rogelio walks in and ruins it. Rogelio hired a sleazy lawyer to help with his contract issues but now is proposing to Bruce for his help as his lawyer.

Xo witnesses Rogelio’s proposal and figures out that the real proposal was planned for her. She says yes to Bruce’s proposal and poor little Rogelio is in the corner watching Xo get swooped up by another guy. I’m still on your team Rogelio!

I knew this Abbey couldn’t be trusted! Now that she didn’t get her way and Rafael broke up with her, she’s getting revenge. She saw Petra hide that red journal in a drawer and stole it without Petra noticing.

Abbey anonymously drops off the journal to the cops. The detective opens up the journal to reveal that it’s Scott’s own version of the Mean Girls burn book. Abbey leaves one of her personalized cards inside, telling the cops to reopen Scott’s case.

What were your thoughts on this episode of Jane the Virgin? I can’t believe Xo is engaged now! Hopefully Bruce learned his lesson and won’t betray Xo again. I just feel bad for Rogelio because I know he still loves her. Did you ever like Abbey? I know I didn’t. I’m sure she heard Rafael talking to his jail buddy too. She just lingered around everywhere. Will it surface that Rafael had something to do with Scott’s murder? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Jane the Virgin returns Monday, March 20 at 9/8CT