Jane the Virgin Chapter 56 recap: Whodunit

Jane-the-Virgin-Chapter Fifty-Six-Rafael-Jane Scott Everett White/The CW

The sudden discovery of Scott’s skeleton in the sand was where we left off on last week’s episode of Jane the Virgin. Now the police will be involved with another dead body found at The Marbella.

Rafael and Petra have something to celebrate. Scott’s body was officially found on Chuck’s hotel property, not at The Marbella. This still isn’t sitting well with Petra since she’s transformed the hotel to be kid friendly. One bad press release and the hotel is done for.

Jane finally heard back from the publisher interested in buying her book. They’re offering her $50,000 which sounds awesome but according to Rogelio, that’s chump change. Who cares! Jane is getting paid to have her book published and now gets to quit her job with the devil, Chloe.

Michael’s right-hand man, Dennis, has a bad history with Jane. He stopped by to check on Jane after Michael’s death but that was only to snoop around and look through Michael’s things. He claimed he was trying to free Michael from any connection with Sin Rostro but who knows if he’s telling the truth.

After looking over the paperwork, Jane realizes that she’s not going to get the whole $50,000 upfront. It’s going to take more time and work before she sees all of that money. I wonder how she’ll try and get her job back with the “bitch” she just called out.

Chloe is really tough to crack. Jane surprises her at her spin cycle class to try and apologize to get her job back but the class is more intense than Jane thought. Chasing her down, Jane promises Chloe that she can get one of their writers, Gary, back. Why does Chloe even care about someone who quit? She doesn’t feel the same need for Jane.

Xo found out that Rogelio was lying about not knowing how the show was portraying her in such a negative light. Rogelio was lying to all the Villanueva women for two years. It’s going to take more than a sorry basket to fix this.

Scott Everett White/The CW

Somehow, Rogelio was able to help Petra with finding out what happened with Scott’s murder. He was at the hotel the night something happened to Scott and was happening to be filming all over the hotel. Scott is seen on camera, hammered, and telling an employee that he was going for a swim. The cops did say it could have been an accidental drowning. I’m not buying it.

Dennis is a smart guy even if he got caught snooping through Michael’s journal. He agrees to meet with Jane to mutually talk about what happened in the past. You’d think they would meet at a Starbucks or Panera but no…they talk things out inside a boxing ring. This time Dennis gets the final whack at Jane. Not cool, dude.

The two were able to talk things out. Dennis tells Jane that she doesn’t have to worry about him around anymore because they ruled Scott’s death as an accident. Yeah, let’s see how long that lasts.

Woohoo! No more Zen Rafael. The beard is coming off and Rafael is taking his place back at the hotel. Petra actually seems excited about this.

Jane took Rafael’s advice and became the hotel’s new manager, replacing Scott and the ex-con Rafael hired. This may seem like a step back for Jane but she’s planning on this only lasting two years before she can get her money from her book.

Petra’s at it again. She moved Scott’s body over so that it would appear that he was found on The Fairwick’s lot. That’s cold. She actually likes this Chuck dude.

So Rafael isn’t clean either. I thought he was Zen once he got out of prison? His ex-con buddy that was taking Scott’s position seems to have a previous connection with Scott. Rafael and his new pal are seen talking and saying that they were lucky they ruled Scott’s death as an accident. No, not Rafael!

What were your thoughts on this episode of Jane the Virgin? I thought it was a bit slow but at least we got more hints towards the end for what’s in the future. Do you think Chuck will find out what Petra did or already knows? Does Petra know what really happened to Scott? Why does it seem that Rafael knows what happened? I can’t picture him killing anyone. Maybe Rafael really became a changed man after prison and he’s fooling us all. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.