Jane the Virgin Chapter 55 recap: New Beginnings

Robert Voets/The CW

After last week’s devastating loss, I don’t know how we can just jump back into the groove of things with this week’s new episode of Jane the Virgin. At least we’re able to mourn with Jane during this hard time. It doesn’t hurt that Alba is there with helpful advice from her experiences.

Three years later, Jane has a shorter haircut and Mateo is up and running around the house. I thought it was the terrible twos, not a forever lasting terrifying, badmouthed state. It seems that Petra and Rafael are having better luck with the twins than with Mateo.

OMG! So it is Rogelio that is getting married from last week’s episode. Wait, to Darci? Hold up again. Jane shows up late to Rogelio’s wedding and Rogelio calls “cut!” to stop production. So this is all a stunt for Rogelio and Darci’s new reality show. By the sound of it, the two actually hate each other now. All I can think of is how this is so related to The Bachelor and Bachelorette.

I’m shocked! Xo and Bruce were able to keep their love strong this time around. A love strong enough to be living in a house together.

The Marbella is reopening and scary Petra is in charge now. Petra’s fitting into her mommy shoes pretty well. She’s adding a kid’s club to the hotel which is the complete opposite of the Chuck’s new adults only hotel next door. I don’t understand how Petra can sleep around with this dude.

Rafael went to jail and now that he’s out, he’s this Zen Prince of Egypt looking guy. Oh yeah, and he’s with a girl named Abbey. This is going to take some time for me to get used to.

Robert Voets/The CW

I don’t know what is scarier. Petra in charge of the hotel or her being the head mom of the PTA at the twin’s and Mateo’s preschool. She needs to watch Bad Moms to learn how to relax. She seems so tense.

Jane was able to have her boss read her story about Alba for a chance to have it in a showcase. Her boss liked Jane’s novel enough that Jane landed the seventh spot in the special reading event.

I thought Jane’s book that her boss accepted was the one about Alba but it’s not. It’s a completely new story based off of Jane and Michael’s relationship but the ending is a lot happier than in real life. Thanks to a stern push from Rafael, Jane was able to read the first chapter of her book at the reading.

The reopening of the new Marbella went smoothly, Rafael, Jane and Petra are able to have their usual Saturday brunch with the kids and a publisher wants to buy Jane’s novel about Michael. Thank God we’re hearing some great news for once.

Just kidding. Of course that wouldn’t last long. As the kids were on a treasure hunt at The Marbella, they uncovered a skeleton that was not planted there as a part of the treasure. Once Rafael and Petra arrive on the scene, they notice that the brown, decayed skeleton has a vest on and Scott’s name on the nametag. What did Anezka do?

What were your thoughts on this episode of Jane the Virgin? Do you like the idea that we’re now three years into the future? I like that we’ve moved ahead for the possibility of new adventures, but I also feel like we lost out on a lot and have to catchup. Do you like this new Zen Rafael? What do you think about his girlfriend Abbey? Do you think Anezka has something to do with Scott’s death? I’m happy to see that despite their differences, Jane and Petra can be civil with each other for the sake of their children. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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