Humans on AMC: We Have 5 Questions For Carrie-Anne Moss!

Carrie Anne Moss Humans Colin Hutton/Kudos/CH4/AMC
Carrie Anne Moss as Dr Athena Morrow in Humans Season 2

AMC’s spine-tingling artificial intelligence drama Humans returns for Season 2 on Feb. 13 with Niska (Emily Berrington), Mia (Gemma Chan) and the rest of their synth family scattered, the Hawkins family fractured, and new additions to the cast. Among them — The Matrix star Carrie-Anne Moss as Dr. Athena Morrow.

Morrow, a brilliant A.I. scientist, sees opportunity to advance her own ideals in an employment offer from Elon Musk-type tech renegade Milo Khoury, played by fellow new addition Marshall Allman (Nashville’s Sam Palladio signs on, too).“She lives and breathes her work,” Moss tells Channel Guide of her intense character. “She isn’t one to be lured by money or prestige, but ultimately decides to join Milo’s company and goes to London to further the process. She is guarded and fierce about what she does and, as the story unfolds, we discover that her personal journey is the driving factor in her decision to work with Milo, [even though] he represents so much that Athena does not hold value in. But working with Marshall was great! We had fun — and the Indian food in London was something we both loved.”

Here, Moss lends her own intelligence to our “5 Questions.”

If your TV carried only three shows or networks, what would they be?
AMC, Netflix — and Oprah.

Have you had a memorable fan encounter?
Anytime someone says that anything I’ve created moved them, that feels really good!

Your work in The Matrix trilogy seems great practice for playing Dr. Morrow. Did you feel like you had a grip on what is happening in the Humans world as you stepped into the story — or is this a whole new learning curve and experience?
I still watched the first season with astonishment at the storytelling. The writers’ ability to tell a story so complex and expanded in its ideas, while at the same time creating rich, layered characters, is an actor’s dream.

If it could be accomplished ethically in our lifetime, could you see yourself ever welcoming a humanlike A.I. being into your life — or are you strictly a people person?
People person, for sure! I don’t want more computers. I want human interaction!

Many of us feel as though modern life has rendered us more machine than human. Do you have moments on set where you’re saying or doing something — or watching your fellow actors — and experience a “holy cow” gut-check moment about this stuff?
Yes! “Holy gut wow” is how I’d put it. I have a very empathetic heart and the themes of this show I take deeply into my heart. What is true and good and right matters to me. Kindness, compassion and a world built on what’s good for all matter to me. The idea of the massive disconnection that the show is able to capture I feel on a daily basis as I move through life. Humans captures the fragility of humanity so deeply.

Humans returns Monday, Feb. 13 at 10/9c on AMC. 

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