Jane the Virgin Chapter 54 recap: Until His Dying Breath

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We sure get whipped around on an emotional rollercoaster ride on this week’s episode of Jane the Virgin. I don’t want to spoil the ending, or basically ruin your day/night, so read at your own will. Just warning you, there will be tears.

Looks like both Jane and Michael are looking for new careers. Michael still has to pass his LSAT and Jane has a new job opportunity as an assistant for Chloe Leland.

You know, I kind of understand Petra’s lack of connection with her daughters. Sure, they’re her daughters but she might be like me and not like kids. She should have thought about that before using the turkey baster to get pregnant.

Speaking of kids, we might have another little one running around. Jane is five days late with her period and has now gone into pure panic mode. Stay calm, Jane. It’s not uncommon to be a little late. I don’t think skipping the pill one day means you can easily get pregnant. Right?

Oh beautiful sister, Anezka and Scott have you in the palm of their hands. Petra finds out that she wasn’t invited to her sister’s wedding and the fact that they have multiple copies of the will she shredded.

Jane is freaking out over the thought of her being pregnant again but Michael seems really happy at the idea. The first test was expired so that was kind of a letdown for Michael.

Rafael tells Luisa about him not being her biological brother. She reassures him that she still thinks of him as her brother and will always have his back, just like he did.

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How dare they. They cut his penis! Rogelio was excited to show off his full frontal nudity premiere in his new indie film. When the time came for him to shine on screen, he noticed that they cut the scene along with his penis. He already warned Alba and Jane to cover their eyes but I don’t think they’ll want to move their hands now that Rogelio stood up and made a scene in the theater, shouting that they cut his goods.

Well, Jane got her friend from Mother Nature. She and Michael were just starting to get excited for a new baby. I still have faith that they’ll have a baby soon.

Not only is Anezka blackmailing Petra, but she’s also taking over the mommy role. The twins are perfectly fine with Anezka but not their own mom.

So Jane and Scary Tess actually hit it off during the awkward family dinner with Bruce. She was able to crack a smile in Tess’ resting bitch face while talking about what other basic thing than, coffee.

I guess Tess thought that since she and Jane bonded over coffee that she could like, totally crash at Jane’s house when she’s drunk. This is too good! Jane still has quite a bit of time before Mateo reaches that age, so Jane recruits help from Xo and Alba. Just ax Xo is about to call Bruce, Tess takes off on Xo’s bike. Ugh, I wish she crashed or fell.

Rogelio went viral with a video caught of him yelling about his junk over 100 times at the movie premiere. What is also seen on the video is how he blew up at Darci and degraded her. Now he’s trying to win her back.

Jane always manages to get herself in crazy situations. Instead of dropping off important documents for her new boss, Chloe, she dropped off over 200 photos of a naked Rogelio. That’s unfortunate. At least Jane is able to keep her job by showing off how awesome she is.

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Rafael helped cover up some of his dad’s crimes because he thought he was protecting family. Now that things have changed, Rafael tried working out a plea deal instead of pleading guilty for what he did. The plea deal is off the table and Rafael might have to face jail time by pleading guilty. Yikes! I hope he looks good in orange.

Petra starts to freak out at the thought of Rafael leaving her with no support to take care of the twins. She tries to tell him to fight back but Rafael doesn’t see him winning this case. He also wants to make sure he’s a positive role model for his children, which his “father” failed to do for him.

No way! Luisa introduces Rafael to her new girlfriend but he’s not ready to welcome her into the family with open arms. He tells Luisa’s new girlfriend that she’ll need to have a few tests done by a doctor to rule out that she could be Rose. Rafael was right to have his suspicions because this new girl really is Rose. Okay, her being able to change her looks so drastically with simply plastic surgery is so unrealistic at this point.

OMG! Please tell me that this is a dream sequence! Michael died?! We see Michael about to turn in his LSAT when he suddenly collapses to the ground and stops breathing. Jane then receives a call from the doctor telling her that he’s passed away from his gunshot wound.

We then jump three years into the future where little Mateo is running up to Jane, talking and looking like a little man dressed in a tux. I guess it’s true. Michael really is dead. Jane tells Mateo to hurry and get ready so they can arrive to a wedding on time. This is too much for me to digest in a few minutes. I am not okay!

What were your thoughts on this depressing episode of Jane the Virgin? I don’t even know where to begin. Do you think Rafael will plead guilty and go to jail? Maybe Rose will have a role in what happens to him. Major question: how the heck did Michael die?! I definitely did not see that coming. It was awkward that we jumped so far into the future that I’m confused if we’ll stay in the future or jump back and forth. What wedding were Jane and Mateo getting ready for? It’s obvious it wasn’t her wedding so could it be Rafael, Rogelio or Xo getting married? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. total roller coaster.

    Rafael going to jail? not being emilio’s son? Luisa came to terms with it surprsingly easily and her bringing back ROSE just spells all kinds of trouble. And in my opinion, the latest ROSE is not as good looking as the previous ones. Seems like they really have a connection beyond the physical.

    But MICHAEL. Why the heck would they do that. This episode and the previous one, were just all kinds of sweet. He was actually gonna ace the LSAT and she is getting that terrific new job that he helped her snag.


    Also, – tremendous acting by Gina Rodriguez, or maybe I’ve just been in for fity four chapters I love all of them now – when she lost control at the news. Tremendous show.

  2. killing off michael was completely inappropriate!! it tore me apart. i’ve always been a fan of michael and jane together, and the entire episode i was so happy about how in love they were with each other. also, everything was coming together with jane and her new job, as well as them deciding that having another baby sometime soon. i have decided not to watch the series anymore because i strongly dislike it without michael. when he got injured from getting shot, i almost stopped watching until i heard he recovered. im very disappointed in this and will only watch the next season if michael somehow resurrects.

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