Jane the Virgin Chapter 53 recap: Stressed Out

Jane-the-Virgin-Chapter Fifty-Three-Jane Michael Desmond/The CW

From tests to novels, series finale drama to secrets and lies, everyone is stressed out on this week’s episode of Jane the Virgin.

Michael wants to open up his own law office as a part of his new career. Now all he needs to do is ace the standardized test, LSAT, to get prepared for law school. Good luck with that!

We know that Jane is quite the competitive person. It’s no surprise that she feels Mateo has some competition when she notices other kids in her mommy and me classes were speaking in full sentences.

Rafael tells Jane about wanting to probate what he found in his father’s will about splitting the money between the biological kids. Jane assures Rafael that she’ll stand by his side no matter what happens. I love seeing these two connecting!

Petra just loves to get in the middle of business that doesn’t involve her. She’s able to rat out Rafael by telling Catalina that he’s going to break up with her. Those are some handy cameras. Just to continue digging where she doesn’t belong, Petra offers Catalina $10,000 for taking Rafael away for a night.

Jane has a lot on her plate at the moment. She’s worried about Michael and his future career as a lawyer while also dealing with her own work. Plus, it doesn’t help that she thinks Mateo is behind in his speech development. To try and stay Zen, she decides to pick up yoga.

Tyler Golden/The CW

Oh snap! Scott is fooling Petra into thinking that Anezka has left the country. He asks Petra to not make her sister leave but she’s already staying with him. These two are definitely going to plot something big against Petra.

Rogelio’s show, Tiago, is coming to a close, but he’s not accepting it until he has the perfect ending. Now he has to worry about the perfect way to end his show while dealing with his baby momma drama.

Darci wants to have a baby with Rogelio, no strings attached. However, even after three weeks away from each other, Rogelio still isn’t able to shake his feelings for Darci. They put the baby on the back burner for now but Darci agrees to go on a date with Rogelio while they wait. Maybe they’ll have a baby the old fashioned way.

Jane’s new yoga therapy was supposed to be her way of destressing. I don’t think that’s going to happen with Catalina around.

Catalina takes Petra up on her offer after hearing Jane confess that she’d be happy if Rafael left Catalina. I guess $10,000 and Petra’s watch is enough for Catalina to turn on family.

Rafael passes out during his weird last date with Catalina and a guru in a steamy tipi. I don’t know why Rafael trusted Catalina but he told her about not being his dad’s biological son.

The two end up connecting after learning that they both cannot have children. Not like Rafael needs any more.

Things are only getting worse with Jane and Michael. First, Michael’s face blows up after an allergic reaction to some essential oils. He had a very important meeting with a law school to go to the same day, making Jane drive him to his meeting. Of course traffic has to prevent them from making the meeting on time, so Michael decides that they stay the night in a campsite.

The truth comes out and Michael and Jane let everything loose. Jane tells Michael that she’s already stressed out and he’s not even in law school yet. Michael confesses that he’s failed all his practice tests and feels like he won’t be able to support his family. After finally talking about everything that was stressing each other out, the two are able to focus on Mateo and his new word, “tent”.

I guess Catalina really cares for Rafael. She broke off her deal with Petra by letting Rafael in on Petra’s secret cameras. He barges into Petra’s room and demands that she show him the cameras. He easily finds the cameras hidden in her closet.

Michael Desmond/The CW

Petra destroys the will and tells Rafael not to worry about it. I thought she was going to use this against him, not help by destroying it. That’s why she had Catalina take him away for the night, right?

According to Petra, she had to get rid of the will for her babies. She and her daughters were just beginning to bond right before Anezka took over. Petra wants to help Rafael with the money issue by deleting the evidence.

Bye bye, Catalina! Rafael actually breaks up with her this time meaning she can go back home to New York. You won’t be missed.

Wait. Did Scott and Anezka really just get married? And did this weirdo really pull off a Raven Baxter stunt by putting all the pieces from the will back together after going through the shredder? You have got to be kidding me!

What were your thoughts on this episode of Jane the Virgin? Do you think Michael will be able to achieve his goal of becoming a lawyer? Will Petra and Rafael reconnect after what she did for him? There were some sparks again but we also have to remember what Anezka did to interfere. What are your thoughts on Rogelio and Darci’s relationship? I think he still has feelings for Xo but those will probably always be there. What does Scott plan on doing now that he put the will back together? Why is he trying to seek revenge on Rafael? The two were just working together! Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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