Jane the Virgin Chapter 52 recap: The Broke Billionaire

Jane the Virgin returns with new relationships, a new career for Michael and a new income for Rafael.

Jane-the-Virgin-ChapterFiftyTwo-Xo-Jane Robert Voets/The CW

After a short break, Jane the Virgin returns to its third season and picks up right where we left off. Xo and Bruce seem to be going strong. Even Alba is giving him another chance. However, Jane isn’t as supportive of the relationship. I have a feeling she’s going to put herself in a tricky situation by trying to convince her mom to dump him.

Rogelio is serious about having a baby with his former matchmaker, Darci. However, Xo isn’t too convinced things will work out.

Catalina is still sticking around. Oh yeah, and the old dude in a robe that popped out of her room is her new husband, Arnaud. Catalina’s found herself a sugar daddy! Arnaud appears to still think the two are happily married, but Catalina tells Jane that the two are getting divorced. Ouch. Make sure you get all that money before though, right?

Poor Rafael found out that he might not be a Solano and after taking a DNA test, Michael can confirm that Rafael is not Emilio and Elena’s biological son. So does he still get to keep all the money and hotel? With Catalina’s history, she might drop him if he doesn’t.

After being forced to sit behind his desk at work, Michael felt it was time to move on and quit his job. I understand why he’d feel unwanted or useless by not being able to do what he loves. I’m confident that he will find something soon.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but Rogelio and Darci are making this whole baby thing look easy. It’s like they’ve been together for years and are a married couple who can’t wait to meet their baby. Will they be the new Brangelina? You know, minus the whole divorce and custody battles thing.

Robert Voets/The CW

This is too good. Anezka is now a phony fortune teller, begging for customers on the streets. I can see the future too, Anezka, and I see karma coming back to bite you. Petra is so paranoid about Scott blackmailing her that she asks her sister to go back home to the Czech Republic. See, I told you I could tell the future.

Michael is such a go-getter that he’s already found himself a new career, as a car salesman. Jane’s right. I can’t see him being one of the annoying car salesmen who stalk you like a hawk. Before hunting down his next victim as a car salesman, Michael takes a career aptitude test. The test truly knows Michael because the results came back for him to be a detective.

Jane meddled her way into her mom’s relationship and yelled at Bruce. I guess Jane isn’t the only one having a hard time supporting this relationship. Bruce’s daughter is also feeling the same way Jane is. Maybe the two will eventually come around and support the relationship…until he does something to ruin it.

Lisa Rose/The CW

Catalina might have told Rafael about her husband but she lied about breaking things off. Jane saw her get into a car with Arnaud and kiss him. This wasn’t one of those little “hello” kisses either. Rafael asked Jane to tell him when anything like this happens, so she did. Let’s see if he breaks up with her for real.

Yikes, Michael! First a car salesman and now a stand-up comedian? You’ve been watching too much TV. I hope he doesn’t fall flat on his face at his first stand-up show.

Rafael stuck to his word and broke up with Catalina. She claims it was a “friendly” kiss but I’m with Jane- who kisses friends on the mouth? Can’t blame her, Catalina. Rafael is her baby’s father and you seem very sketchy.

Robert Voets/The CW

Michael’s performance went downhill in seconds. With Jane’s help, he was able to recover and get a few laughs out of the crowd.

Petra has a way with her timing. Rafael just found an addendum in his father’s will that states the estate will be divided between his biological children. In other words, he’s broke. Petra wanted to inform Rafael that she found out about his plan with Scott. He better get packing.

Dang! Bruce’s daughter has some choice words for Xo. Jane visited Tess at her job to figure out why she didn’t want to have brunch with Xo and her dad. I guess we can understand why she didn’t want to go after she threw out some nasty words about Xo, right in front of Jane. Her little work buddies even came to support their trash-talking friend.

Things got a little exciting as Rogelio performed his nudity scene in his first indie film. After asking Darci to go with him for support, he gave her and the audience what I would call a standing ovation. That’s embarrassing! Now everyone knows how he feels about Darci. Sadly, Darci doesn’t feel the same way and tells Rogelio he better get rid of his feelings if he wants a kid.

Ugh, Catalina snuck her way back in with Rafael. I do not like or trust her. Maybe Michael will act on his new interest of becoming a lawyer and find out what Catalina is hiding.

Rafael’s lawyer tells him that he could still keep Emilio’s money, if he stays quiet about what he found in the will. That would work out since Rafael hasn’t told anyone about this, but Petra is seeking revenge. She placed cameras throughout his room and caught everything on film.

What were your thoughts on the return of Jane the Virgin? Do you think Michael made the right decision to quit? I could see him becoming a lawyer and hope he takes a shot at it. Will Xo and Bruce last? His daughter is clearly not ashamed of hiding her true feelings towards Xo. At least Jane is being more supportive. Now that Darci knows how Rogelio truly feels about her, will she give him a chance to form a romantic relationship? What is Petra going to do with her dirt on Rafael? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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