WWE Total Divas Season 6, Episode 9: What Happens in Vegas


It’s Vegas Total Divas style when the ladies and Rusev hit up Sin City. Renee Young wants to use the time as an opportunity to throw Lana a proper bachelorette party. Problem is Rusev isn’t a fan of the concept because of a friend’s past experience.

Renee Young and Trinity decide to plan it for her. We learn Lana has a history of short relationships and being a party girl. She doesn’t want to do anything to ruin what she has with her Bulgarian husband-to-be. Lana aims to please Rusev and springs for a 10,000 square-foot suite with a basketball court. She wanted him to “experience Vegas properly.”

Renee is in bachelorette party mode inviting complete strangers to come hang out with them and tries to soften Rusev up to the bachelorette party idea. We find out later on there is a method to her madness. One Rusev, he is quickly becoming my favorite part of this show. I mean anyone who says hakuna matata when he clinks glasses with someone is grade A in my book.

Renee is determined to give Lana a night she won’t forget and wants to take her to Thunder From Down Under. Before they go off for the evening Lana runs into an old flame, who happens to be Isaiah….the guy from the Old Spice commercials! Renee, the trouble-maker, rents a party bus, which apparently comes with a creepy random dude who likes to interrupt selfies and be weird.

Lana takes the stage and becomes part of the Thunder from Down Under show. She is happy Renee planned the bachelorette party, so she got to experience the tradition. Lana does come clean with Rusev about what they did. Rusev thinks Renee might be a bad influence, and he clearly wasn’t happy. Lana hopes the night changes Rusev’s mood. The random girl from dinner the night before takes Renee up on her invitation. She is already super drunk and brings a friend. The girl and friend just start fighting with Trinity jumping in to break it up. Rusev gets a kick out of it. Lana is furious after she finds out those girls asked to make out with him, and he didn’t tell her.

Lana feels the trip is bringing up some thoughts and fears about marriage. During a pool day Lana runs into Old Spice guy. He tells her he can see through photos how happy she is. He is supportive, but Lana starts to cry revealing cold feet. Trinity and Renee try to make her feel better. She decides she needs to talk to Rusev about what she has been going through. Lana realizes how much she loves Rusev and doesn’t want fear to dictate her life. Renee hosts a dinner in honor of Lana and Rusev, which includes a magician. The magician has multiple assistants. They all recognize the performers as the strange folks they met during the course of the trip. What are the odds? Renee apparently planed the grand prank this the whole time. She got them good.


Elsewhere, the Bella family heads to Los Angeles to support John Cena, who is hosting the ESPY Awards. Nikki and Brie are a little worried how the clan will compose themselves walking the red carpet for the first time. Nikki in particular is on edge the most. The twins give their brother and mom some tips about being cognizant how you eat and look because the paparazzi are always watching.

Nikki hires someone to teach the two some media training. Nikki feels JJ in particular might be a loose cannon and is concerned about how he will respond to questions on the spot. Nikki is obsessed over photos on her phone and worrying how she looks in them. JJ grows tired of Nikki’s obsession with her phone and worrying about how she looks in photos. He throws her phone in the pool, which angers Nikki. Moving passed the incident the Bella family cleans up and heads to the red carpet. The interviews kick into high gear, and Nikki is impressed how they handle themselves. She ended up worrying for nothing. And topping things off for her is Cena killed it as the host. All is right in the Bella world.

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