Spin The Wheel And See If They Survive

The Wheel Discovery Channel
Who'll survive The Wheel? (from left) Josh Morlin, Lindsay Phenix, Shon Joyner, Luke Soderling, Adam Kimble and Kat Dellinger are gonna try!

Tonight, Discovery premieres its latest survival series, The Wheel. The series dares six survivalists to tackle six wildly different South American ecosystems, rotating them from one environment to another at a moment’s notice. As an avid recapped of the network’s Naked and Afraid, I will be watching with great anticipation.

Each survivalist is dropped into each isolated location — Amazonian rainforest, island, wetland, tundra, bush plain or Andes Mountain — alone and equipped with a bare-bones survival pack and a S.O.S. device to be used to call for help. It’s up to them to source food, water and shelter, and at a moment’s notice (or as us viewers know — the changing of the moon’s cycle) each survivalist will be extracted and moved to a new environment. Their goal is to survive 60 days of this musical chairs-style survival.

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For the hearty folks who have survival skills and propensity for pain and suffering, The Wheel seems the ultimate test. The challenge is to be well rounded enough to survive in not just one extreme climate, but all extreme climates and flexible enough to adapt to sudden changes. A survivalist could be freezing one day, and sweating the next. Or plucked from a rain-soaked feast and thrust into a literal famine.

Could it be hard to watch? Probably. But will it be amazing to watch? Definitely.

I’ll be watching all of the series’ episodes and recapping them here (<-this link will be live after the first episode). I hope you’ll offer your thoughts, insight and commentary.

The Wheel > Discovery Channel > Fridays at 10pm ET/PT, beginning Jan. 13


  1. I’ve been following the wheel and I find that the participants are not very clever seems they have no survival skills. Don’t they get some sort class on making traps etc .????

  2. Amazing out of 6 people none of them know how to throw a simple cast net? Discovery learn to get better people not sneauxflakes!!!

    • Yes I’ve been saying that from the very beginning ” clueless ” you would think they would’ve figured it out by throw #10 ?????

  3. Do they get fed in between zones? Some of these zones seem really far apart, so while transporting them in between, do they not feed them or let them clean up? I cannot find any information about what happens or how long it takes to move from zone to zone. Some are all the way across the continent!

  4. When will the link to the recaps go live? I’ve watched 2 episodes and the link is still dead.
    This show is just okay so far. One person already tapped out before the 1st rotation was over.I like “Alone” better, but maybe it will get better. I will think positive for now.

  5. can someone tell me the locations these 6 survivalists has to conquer. i got a few but would like to know locations

    • ❶Mountains – Andes, Patagonia, Argentina ❷Rainforest (Pataua, Amazon) ❸Wetlands (Panama) ❹Island (Chiloe Island, Chile) ❺Bush Plains (N. Argentino) ❻Tundra (Patagonia tundra, Argentino)

  6. This is kind of neat, I like these kind of shows!! I miss Fat Guys in the Woods, so this will help fill the void !! haha

  7. Best series yet. Going to watch again at mid night. From
    Indianapolis, Indiana.
    With brother in-law and sister

    • Amatuers, none know how to throw the cast net, 1 thinks it’s a fish trap!, Geez, none of them will finish

    • Have you watched ” ALONE ” the season just ended but it’s probably on demand. ..it is the best ever and contestants are so creative and skilled at least this season was amazing.

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