History’s Navy SEALs Drama SIX Ready to Deploy

SIX on History © 2016 History Credit: Michael Muller

In the TV business — as in warfare — things often don’t go as planned. History’s Navy SEAL action-drama series SIX, originally scheduled to premiere in July, was delayed for six months after original star Joe Manganiello had to withdraw from the project due to health concerns. Manganiello’s many scenes had to be reshot with new actor Walton Goggins (Justified), and rather than rush the project to the screen, the producers chose to get it right instead of getting it done quickly.

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The eight-episode first season, which premieres Wednesday, Jan. 18, at 10pm ET/PT, follows a SEAL mission against Boko Haram in West Africa, where a class of schoolgirls and their protector — former SEAL team leader Richard “Rip” Taggart (Goggins) — are taken hostage.

SIX delivers an engrossing mix of Zero Dark Thirty’s intensity and Army Wives’ home-front personal and family drama. “The cost to these people, the cost to the soldier, the cost to the husband, to the father, and the cost to the country, is what we’re trying to get across,” says Barry Sloane (Saints & Strangers), who plays SEAL team leader Joe “Bear” Graves. “These are completely unsung, unseen heroes who walk through society without asking for any kind of thanks.”


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