WWE Total Divas Season 6, Episode 8: Pain in the Neck

These are all ugly. Please fire me.

Total Divas this week was a good news-bad news episode depending on who you want to talk about.

The latter refers to Paige, who is feeling down in the dumps about being kept off TV and not working due to neck issues. She brings her puppy along backstage to help boast spirits. I know Josie and Winston are jealous that Paige’s dog gets to be backstage at WWE shows.

The English superstar thinks surgery is out of the question and hopes physicality will help the shoulder and neck pain. Paige gets an M.R.I., which leads to a prognosis she isn’t happy about. The prognosis is that she would most likely be out at least four to six weeks. This gets Paige thinking if she will ever wrestle again. Given the fact wrestling has always been what she has ever wanted to do it’s a hard pill to swallow.

Daniel Bryan was on a similar rollercoaster ride before having to finally retire for medical reasons. He has begun adjusting to life off the road with wife Brie Bella. They are continuing to try and get pregnant. However, opportunity knocks with Bryan getting a new non-wrestling offer from WWE. Brie is supportive, but wonders how it would impact their aspirations to be parents. Bryan assures her he hasn’t changed his mind about being a dad. Brie supports whatever he decides. The opportunity is revealed as a commentating position for the Cruiserweight Classic. Brie travels to Orlando to be there for his return gig and could see the genuine joy on his face.

Renee Young joined Brie and Bryan on a trip to Orcas Island in Washington. We get a rare look at her boyfriend Dean Ambrose out of the ring. Dean is apparently a homebody, which means Renee flies solo for outings like this one with Brie and Bryan. She hates Dean isn’t with her and that he doesn’t want to join the fun. Renee has a FaceTime session with Dean, who surprises her by planning a trip to Big Sur. The gesture shows the “Lunatic Fringe” really does care.

Elsewhere, Lana is in the midst of planning her wedding and becomes overwhelmed. Of course, Natalya steps in to help when others hear the word “wedding” and flee. Nattie immediately regrets volunteering as she feels Lana counts on her a little too much during the decision-making process. Her plan is to purposely make bad choices to get Lana off her back. Keep in mind this was a suggestion from R-Truth.

They go dress shopping where Natalya begins purposely picking things that she knows Lana wouldn’t like. Lana invites Maryse to the cake tasting, thinking Nattie doesn’t understand her style. Natalya is still trying to get fired during the tasting. Nattie comes clean about her frustrations, and Lana said she should have just mentioned it. Just another reason why honesty is in fact effective. Go figure.

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  1. Hey Scott, my name is Ben. I’m a loyal Ryan Berenz follower and thought I’d start reading your recaps and commenting here as well since I have in fact watched Total Divas since it’s inception. Its my opinion that Paige is far too immature to even be a part of WWE let alone a “reality” show. She runs and pouts every single time something doesn’t go her way and quite honestly I just don’t dig her goth, depressing facade. She is hiding behind everything and everyone from her emotions and social interactions to her physical appearance behind 14 layers of makeup for whatever reason. It’s obvious she has many personal issues. Keep in mind, I’m not casting stones, I’m just giving my opinion on what is in front of me. After all, they’re on TV by their own consent. Now, Naddie may in fact hold some minimal form of acrobatic talent but, as far as her being the one these ladies are constantly running to for advice on wrestling and life issues, they’d be better off tearing open a fortune cookie. Finally, thank you Lord this episode didn’t have any sign of needy Nikki. It was absolutely wonderful viewing without her anywhere in sight or mind.

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