VOD Spotlight: Kevin Hart: What Now?

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Kevin Hart: What Now? was filmed outdoors in front of more than 50,000 people at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field —marking the first time a comedian has ever performed to an at-capacity football stadium. The event film takes Hart back to his hometown for the culmination of the biggest comedy tour in history.

Hart says, “The reason for What Now? is because that’s the question that I get the most. No matter what you do in life or what you achieve, everybody always wants to know what the next thing is. ‘Oh my God, you just won the Super Bowl! What now? Oh my goodness, you just got a gold medal at the Olympics! What now?’ It comes up so much, and I feel like it’s a question that you should always have an answer for. After the success I had with Let Me Explain, I got it so much, I said, ‘That’s going to be the title of my next stand-up film.’

In talking about the filming of What Now?, Hart recalls the most humbling moment was in one of the rehearsals before opening day. “When I first walked into Lincoln Financial stadium is when I processed what was really going on. Even though I was performing for 50,000 people, you don’t process that until you stand where it’s all taking place. I stood on the 50-yard line and saw lighting and camera crews, production trucks, people running with equipment — all doing their jobs at the highest level. That’s when it dawned on me that the best people who do these jobs were here.” Lighting designer Jeff Ravitz adds, “You never know what is truly going to happen during a live event,” he says. “We had an audience that we needed to stay true to, so we were on guard. We didn’t breathe easy until the last applause died down and the lights turned off.”

Once production wrapped, Hart paused to reflect on how important What Now? is for him, his longtime crew and his audience. “I’m lucky enough to have built a company with the core group of friends I started out with, and my circle is a reflection of who I am. When you build a foundation and put those bricks in place, it’s hard to knock that building down. We know where every brick started from, where it was laid and how it was laid.”

Kevin Hart: What Now? is available On Demand beginning Jan. 10. Check your cable system for availability.