“I’ll Be Playing Santa,” Crews says of The CW’s Terry Crews Saves Christmas

Crews Is On A Mission To Help America Deck Its Halls.

Terry Crews Saves Christmas Tyler Golden/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

There isn’t much that doesn’t make actor Terry Crews happy — the actor exudes positivity, and he simply can’t contain his enthusiasm for the Christmas season. “I love this season because it’s the mood, the festive atmosphere, the food, the decorations, the spirit of giving and knowing that it’s really not about you,” says Crews, who last year gifted his Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans with pec-flexing to the tune of “Jingle Bells.” This holiday season Crews reports, “I’ll be playing Santa — helping families make their Christmas just right with my own holiday-style makeovers.”

Crews is on a mission to spread holiday cheer, and in his CW special Terry Crews Saves Christmas, he’s helping hapless holiday-makers transform their lives with a bit of “Terry tinsel” and a whole lotta holiday magic. “These families, they already got the ‘family’ stuff down,” says Crews. “All we’re trying to do is improve the environment that’s already there. We can improve the food, we can improve the decorations, we can make it, but we can’t really improve the love, because the love is already there.”

But Crews isn’t saving Christmas alone — even Santa has elves — so he’s assembled a team that includes chef Dean Sheremet and interior designer Vanessa Deleon to help provide helpful tips and tricks. “They’re super pros at what they do,” boasts Crews. In each episode, Crews and his crew ambush a family whose fa-la-la skills have earned an “F,” and in only 48 hours, they help the family put together a great holiday party. “They come up with the most amazing ways to make the holidays work,” says Crews, who admits, “I’m stealing holiday ideas to use in my own house!”

“What Terry and the team show them is that with the right skill set and know-how, you can actually put on an amazing Christmas with a busy family’s schedule and on a budget,” explains Max Levenson, executive producer of the five-part special, which airs over four consecutive nights.

After learning the finer points of making holiday magic — “It’s all about planning,” hints Crews — the family gets a shot at entertaining redemption. And with Crews’ tutelage, the festive faux pas will be remedied and another home will be holiday-ready. Crews tells us, “The exciting part is watching these families get better and improve and take their holiday celebrations to another level.” It’s a Christmas miracle.

Terry Crews Saves Christmas > The CW > Dec. 20-23 at 8pm ET/PT, 7pm CT.