Forest Whitaker’s Rogue One Character To Appear On Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels Disney XD

Good news for fans who flocked to theaters last weekend to catch Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, one of the film’s coolest characters will make an appearance in a small-screen, Star Wars-based series!

Emmy- and Academy Award-winning actor Forest Whitaker, who stars as Rebel freedom fighter Saw Gerrera in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, will join the cast of the hit animated series Star Wars Rebels, which is set in a time period just prior to the events of Rogue One. Whitaker will reprise his role as Gerrera, providing the voice of the character when he makes his debut during the back-to-back episodes Star Wars Rebels: “Ghosts of Geonosis, Parts One and Two,” which will premiere Saturday, Jan. 7, 8:30- 9:30pm ET/PT, on Disney XD.Star Wars Rebels‘ executive producer Dave Filoni stated, “It’s an incredible honor to have Forest Whitaker play Saw in Rebels. Forest did a great job at capturing Saw in a way that is a bit mad, a bit crazed, a bit afraid, but also a bit sympathetic. He sees something coming, but no one will take action before it’s too late.”

Get to know Saw Gerrera

The character Saw Gerrera was first introduced in the TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008-2015) as a guerrilla fighter for his home planet. Created by George Lucas, and originally voiced by actor Andrew Kishino, Saw received training from the Jedi – Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ahsoka Tano – and served as an early harbinger of the Rebel Alliance, an assortment of disparate groups coming together to fight for a common cause.

For now, Whitaker has only been announced as the guest star of two episodes, but perhaps The Force will decree otherwise…