WWE Total Divas Season 6, Episode 5 Recap: Mother of the Groom

Lana Rusev Total Divas E!

On last night’s Total Divas, Lana and Rusev are in the middle of wedding preparation, which with their different family backgrounds can bring a number of challenges.

Rusev wants to marry his blonde beauty in Bulgaria because his mom wants a Bulgarian wedding. Lana, a pastor’s daughter, wants to keep it stateside. We meet their respective family members. Lana grew up in the former Soviet Union and can communicate with Rusev’s mom. Speaking of Rusev’s mom, she isn’t a fan of the “stripper pole” in the middle of a room. Go figure. Rusev and Lana try to cover it up as just a pole to keep the house up.

The couple works to give Rusev’s mom a true American experience and meal so she won’t reject  having the wedding in America. By same token, we learn that Bulgarian weddings last like three days and involve some sort of shoe hunt. Lana’s dream was to have a beach wedding. She tells mamma Rusev she wants to get married in Malibu. She isn’t feeling it.

Rusev tries to convince Lana’s dad to agree with a Bulgarian wedding. Lana gets tired of the American tradition hating. She wants Rusev to ask her dad for his blessing to marry her.  Rusev does formally follow through, and dad says yes. Rusev agrees to Lana’s Malibu dream wedding. The couple decides they are going to have two weddings to make everyone happy. That means one in Bulgaria and the other in California. Lana feels she needs to have an open mind by honoring Bulgarian tradition. And the added bonus is twice the amount of wedding gifts. Well played “Ravishing Russian.”

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan go to Las Vegas to stay with Renee Young and Dean Ambrose at their place. Apparently Young and Ambrose don’t have many friends in Sin City. Brie invites sister Nikki to participate in the weekend. Young didn’t expect Nikki and heads to the store for supplies to make Nikki feel more comfortable. The crew go on a field trip to ride ATVs, minus Nikki due to her neck injury. They then move on to riding in a monster truck. They are having the best time, while Nikki has a beer and feels like the third wheel.

Later, Young hosts a barbecue for her house guests, driven to be a good host. Ambrose is chill the whole time. Brie thinks Young is trying too hard and is stressing herself out. Food is burning, plates are broken and all Young sees is a disaster. Nikki stays at a hotel, which doesn’t help Young’s mindset. Brie feels Young and Nikki need to do something relaxing. That means hanging out by the pool and having a few drinky drinks. Young realizes it’s important to have fun and relax.

Maryse’s mom is staying at her house, and a man is trying to break-in. With cameras all over the home, she can literally see the burglar as it is happening. Maryse tells mom to call 911 and is freaking out that she can’t do much thousands of miles away. The police show up, but Maryse is clearly shaken by the incident. It gets her thinking about purchasing a gun to defend herself because she doesn’t feel safe, especially with husband Miz filming a movie in Canada for a weeks.

maryse total divas

Miz doesn’t think the gun is a good idea. Maryse is spending her first night without Miz with Eva Marie, who is sleeping over and keeping her company. Their fun includes setting up booby traps in the house, but they are no Kevin from Home Alone.

Eva thinks Maryse needs to get a gun. Eva goes with Maryse to a gun range to get her to feel what it’s like to have a firearm in hand. The first try she gets a head during target practice. She feels empowered and that she can defend herself. Maryse gets the gun and the license without Miz’s input once again. She clearly hasn’t learned from past incidents when she does things without Miz knowing about it first. Maryse breaks the news to Miz, and Miz is actually on board for the gun. He knows it makes her feel safe while he is gone.

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