WWE Total Divas Season 6 Episode 4 Recap: Gone Girl

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There’ve been many questions in regards to Paige. Well, this week on Total Divas fans got a little glimpse of what has been going on with the popular WWE superstar.

Natalya throws a going away party for Trinity, who is gearing up to film a movie. Paige comes, but she is not alone. She enters the room with new boyfriend, and fellow pro wrestler, Alberto Del Rio. She thinks he is “The One.” Nattie is a little skeptical about that statement considering the fact she didn’t even know they were together in the first place.

Professionally, Natalya is enjoying the chance to really show her worth with more TV time. By the same token, Paige has been out of storylines for around six months in her eyes. She is frustrated with her position. It gets her questioning why that is. There is some clear frustration from Paige. Renee, Maryse, Lana and Natalya talk about changes in Paige’s behavior lately. They are concerned, especially after Lana mentioned she has missed a live event. Renee thinks she needs a girlfriend to step in to figure out what’s happening.

Ring announcer Lilian Garcia tells Renee backstage that Paige has been missing even more live events, which is shocking to Renee because wrestling has always been an important part of her life. Lilian breaks the news to Renee that Paige is moving from Orlando to San Antonio to live with Alberto. To get the information from a third party was weird to Renee. She wants to sit Paige down to have a face-to-face outside the arenas.

When they do, Paige tells her she had a rough few days and needed a break. Renee says everyone was concerned about her behavior and being withdrawn. Paige says she had a mental breakdown, feeling she isn’t going anywhere and in a rut professionally. Renee says everyone is concerned. Paige takes it as people gossiping about her, and goes on the defensive. She says her life is nobody’s business.

Paige storms off, angry about what she thinks is high-school BS. Call time comes, and Paige is nowhere to be found. She shows up late, which don’t go over well with WWE management. She has a heart-to-heart with Mark Carrano in talent relations, who goes all dad on her. He pushes the point that people love and care about her. They plan to move forward. Renee feels in an awkward place since Paige walked off on her. She realizes she can’t control what Paige wants to do and force her opinion on her. She has to do her own thing, and all she can do is be a good friend. Rene tells Paige she was trying to be a good friend and let her know she is here for her. Paige apologizes for blowing her off, but lets her know she is fine. At the same time, she is grateful to have her around.

Brie Bella invited sister Nikki to spend the weekend, at her and Daniel’s place in Aberdeen, Washington. Daniel and Nikki’s relationship has been rocky ever since they got into a fight at John Cena’s house in Tampa. Brie hopes the two can reconcile. Nikki is training and believes she is not done with her career in the ring. Nikki hopes Bryan will be her coach. Brie asks Nikki to rekindle her relationship with Bryan, and but oh yeah, not talk about wrestling.

Nikki wants to extend an olive branch to Bryan like literally. When she couldn’t find one, she settled on an apple tree. Things don’t get off to the best start with some obvious underlying hostility coming from Bryan.  The three of them go to a winery, and Nikki tries to use the time as an opportunity to ask Bryan if he would help her with the return to the ring. Brie sees where it’s going and pulls Nikki away to remind her that she didn’t want her talking wrestling with Bryan. Nikki thinks she is being overprotective. It comes up during lunch, and Bryan questions why Brie would tell Nikki not to talk wrestling. Bryan goes to talk to Nikki alone to iron things out. He says he legitimately cares about her comeback and wants her to do well. They go in for a training session. Brie can see how excited he is about teaching and realizes she was wrong about trying to keep wrestling out of the conversation. Nikki is even more motivated now to return to action.

Eva Marie is not being booked, which leads her to see what is going on. She is told there is no real direction for her. Eva feels she is putting in the time to get better, but it’s not translating into opportunity. Eva visits Maryse at her house and has some quality hot tub time. She expresses her frustration about not being used. She wants a storyline. Maryse plants the idea that maybe she should do something about it. She tells her to go to TV and be seen. Eva takes her advice by traveling on her own time and showing up to TV even though she isn’t booked to appear. She talks to Brian James, WWE producer, who says he commends her for volunteering to come.  At the same time he stresses to be careful about being backstage without being written into storylines. Eva gives Mark a pitch with ideas for a new entrance. He says he would pass it up the chain. They end up liking where she is going with it, and tells her to get ready for a match that night. She is back on TV.

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