History Announces Alone Season 4

Courtesy of History

Ahead of tomorrow night’s Season 3 premiere of its popular survival series Alone, History has announced that it has ordered Alone Season 4.

“Since Season 1, we knew we had a groundbreaking show,” said Paul Cabana, executive vice president and head of programming for History. “Raw, authentic and entertaining, there truly is nothing else like it on television. In Season 3, viewers will experience how our survivalists endure the challenges faced in a new, remote location at the bottom of the globe. In Season 4 we are elevating the show to even greater heights and hope the evolution of the series will continue to captivate viewers and keep them on their toes.”

In Alone there are no camera crews and no gimmicks. Equipped only with limited gear, their wilderness experience and cameras to self-document their journeys, these brave men and women are left alone to completely fend for themselves in harsh, unforgiving terrain. To survive, they must find food and water, build shelters and fend off predators. They will face bouts of extreme isolation, psychological distress, and treacherous environmental conditions as they descend into the unknown. 

No word yet on when Alone Season 4 will debut, or where it will take place.


  1. Only one of the ten chosen could get an ember with a bowdrill as stated during the season 3 intro show. Definitely not “survival experts”Nobody EVER mentions the 10 LBS of food they can bring. Anything under 180 days is a joke. Too much bad production, too much drama and to people who actually live the lifestyle it’s apparent that it’s complete BS. Put some professional people on there already and get a new production team. The show is ridiculous to anyone who isn’t an armchair survivalist.

  2. PLEASE when Alone season 4 will contacting the CONTESTANTS ??? Already applied THANKS AGAIN. “)

    • When will you decided on season 4 contestants. Already applied just wanting to know more. Thank you

  3. I would like to know as well where do you sign up for this MSM History Channel’s show Please explain HISTORY WHERE DO WE SIGN UP TO GET ON THE SHOW. I’m really starting to wonder if this is not just another fake scripted reality soap.Like I don’t know A guy crying because he cant get the Sun where he is please.Then there’s the guy who cut his arm I don’t know about anybody else but if it had of been myself I would have filmed the s*i$ out of the wound but not one shot all you see is a bit of smeared probably fake blood. I’m really starting to wonder about this reality? show

  4. And here yet again no place to sign up Hmm I wonder why? If anyone buy’s into this. You got to get out of the city. This is nothing more than reality scripted TV.

    • So I’m not the only one that is beginning to wonder why there is nowhere to apply for this show? Good to know.

      I’m beginning to think that it’s just a bunch of amateur actors that have been recruited and shown a few seasons of Survivorman and then shown how to use a videocamera.

      Very suspect.

  5. And here yet again no place to sign up Hmm I wonder why? If anyone buy’s into this. You got to get out of the city. This is nothing more than reality scripted TV.

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