Empire Season 3 Episode 8 Recap: Catfight on the Catwalk

Empire-Season3-EP8-Nessa Chuck Hodes/FOX

It’s the final episode before the Empire midseason finale! Cookie has to try to juggle pleasing Angelo’s mom, Diana, while keeping her family and company in check. We’re rooting for you, Cook!

Tiana’s headlining the annual HVW Fashion Show for Ms. Helen von Wyeth. That means Cookie has to act a little bougie like Angelo’s mom to keep the designer happy.

Angelo can’t stop gushing about Cookie’s work to his mom, but Diana is the one who steals the spotlight. She already knows the fashion show’s designer. Since she’s taken charge now, Diana asks Jamal to record a new song for Angelo’s campaign for a fundraiser. She loved the song about Cookie so much that she thinks Jamal can make one for Angelo. Not asking for much, huh?

Cookie tries offering Diana another Empire artist since Jamal is still working out his PTSD. Not taking no for an answer, Jamal agrees to help Diana and perform.

Chuck Hodes/FOX

I know Andre had a wife and was expecting a baby with her, but I think he’s found his true soulmate with Nessa. She’s just as hungry for power. When Andre asked her what she wanted, she decided she would need to take Tiana’s spot in the fashion show. It’s so shady that Andre can’t pass it up.

Hakeem is going to replace Gram on all of Tiana’s tracks. Tiana isn’t too happy about having to work with Hakeem, but it’s what their fans want.

I was beginning to wonder where Lucious stuffed his mom to keep her quiet this whole time. At tea time with his mom and Anika, Lucious tells the ladies that he wants to try to figure out how to keep everyone alive under his roof. Good luck! His mom is already freaking out over the waiter taking her crust away at the table.

Tariq has spies watching Lucious with his family. When he hears Leah shouting for Lucious to let go of her, he wants to run in and save her. His partner stops him before their cover is blown. Now Tariq has a new idea of trying to turn Leah against her own son. So scandalous!

Andre was able to weasel Nessa in to shadow Tiana for her big performance. What Tiana and Cookie don’t know is that Nessa is there to ruin everything for Tiana. She starts by placing the couture dress Tiana is supposed to perform in on top of a hot curling iron. It catches on fire, making it impossible for Tiana to wear. Maybe if this was Kanye’s fashion show, she could get away with it.

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Interrupting her doctor’s appointment, Tariq tells Leah about his plan to get her out of Lucious’ dungeon. Since Leah has a big mouth, she starts telling Tariq about how much Lucious hates Anika. It’s music to Tariq’s ears. Now all he needs is for Leah to help him prove how much Lucious hates his wife.

I cannot believe how dirty Nessa is becoming to ruin Tiana. After her dress went up in flames, Tiana went off on Nessa and had a few choice words about the designer. It would be horrible if this news got out on the internet, right? Well, that’s exactly what Nessa did.

Philip is trying to help Jamal with his PTSD by using virtual reality. He has Jamal perform in front of a virtual audience, testing him as time goes on. Lucious has to come in and ruin everything by telling Jamal if he doesn’t perform, he’s an independent artist and not a part of Empire. Philip realizes that Lucious is Jamal’s PTSD trigger after his heartrate skyrocketed. Can’t blame him.

Andre tries to sweet talk Helen into letting Nessa perform instead of Tiana because she’s more “urban” than Tiana. However, she’s not interested. To prove a point, Andre has Helen’s daughter’s hair chopped off. It was a very low blow, but it worked to get Nessa the spot at the show.

Hakeem and Cookie find out that Andre and Nessa were behind ruining Tiana. Andre assures Cookie that she has nothing to worry about but she’s not too sure she can trust him.

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No way! Leah has been playing Tariq this whole time about giving him information on Lucious. I thought Lucious was going to strangle his mom after ruining his little rendezvous with Anika but he’s there to thank her. The two planned everything Leah would say to Tariq. I never thought I’d see the day that these two would work together.

Now Lucious knows that Tariq is jealous of his time he had with his dad. They have the same dad but Lucious is the one who still has the memories with his dad. Tariq has nothing.

Jamal makes a new song, but it’s not for Angelo. It’s for Lucious. He calls him out for everything he’s done, especially to Cookie and her relationship with her dad. Jamal says that his album is going to be called, “When Cookie Met Lucious,” and talk about all the good and bad.

Lucious finds a way to turn it around on Cookie and make her look like the bad one for covering up Frank Gather’s death. What will her kids think of her now?

What were your thoughts on this episode of Empire? Do you think what Nessa and Andre did to Tiana was wrong? I hope Tiana comes after those two for what they did. Nessa is lucky she’s with Andre because she’d be nothing without him and his thirst for power. Jamal didn’t want to accept that Lucious was his PTSD trigger at first. Do you think after he exposed his dad with his new song that he’s open to the idea? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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