Pentagon Dark on his plans to rule Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground
Pentagon Dark

Much like the awakening of Darth Vader in Star Wars, the already sinister Pentagon Jr. added another layer of evil when he transformed into Pentagon Dark in the world of Lucha Underground.

Even though the performer doesn’t speak English, the star has been able to connect with fans through his persona, actions and hand gestures (Cero Miedo).

“Pentagon Jr. comes from Mexico,” he said, describing what makes Pentagon Dark different. “The black and white signifies the good and the bad. That’s I how I feel right now. That’s the reason for the colors of the mask. AAA in Mexico is different. Lucha Underground is my house. It’s where I can make my own rules. The Temple is governed by me.”

The dark side of Pentagon Jr. was essentially brought out by Vampiro. The Lucha Underground commentator and Mexican wrestling legend has been a mentor to Pentagon in many ways. He has also been an opponent who helped take violence to another level.

“That angle with Vampiro changed my career,” Pentagon Dark said. “It’s the reason why I’m at the top right now at where I am now in the world of wrestling.”

Lucha Underground

Pentagon Dark also respects another titan of lucha, Rey Mysterio Jr.

“Rey Mysterio is one of the guys that every Mexican kid loved,” he said. “Now I have the privilege and opportunity to destroy him. I can finish him off so the world can know who I am. He can be a stepping stone.”

Channeling the character, Pentagon Dark feels the same about former Lucha Underground champion and tag partner in Sexy Star. The promotion is known for pitting men against women, which has caused some controversy. Pentagon Dark recently faced members of the all-female Black Lotus Triad faction in separate matches on the same episode. This particular show left him with two broken arms. One came courtesy of Black Lotus herself.

“I think it’s marvelous to see men and women working against one another,” he said. “The fact lucha libre can be done whether it’s male or female. So the working between them, it’s a great opportunity.”

Pentagon Dark’s appeal in the United States has helped him secure opportunities to work for promotions across the country.  The 31-year-old feels extra motivation and challenged to impress the American fans or believers inside and outside The Temple.

“The fans want and desire good wrestling,” he said.

“The wrestling fans in America desire more. They request more out of you. That’s what I like because it pushes me to be a better performer. The companies in the United States have the best to offer in professional wrestling. There are a lot of guys I liked working with. I don’t have a favorite. I think all are great including Chris Hero, Sami Callihan, Tommaso Ciampa and Rob Van Dam.”

Pentagon Dark likes to think Lucha Underground is in a category all its own. Comparing it to WWE, he believes each has its own distinct style. Established as one of the most popular fixtures on the show each week, the standout isn’t content with past successes. He wants to have the gold around his waist.

“You can expect a lot of violence,” Pentagon said. “The destruction of idols, and I will be the idol of Lucha Underground and professional wrestling. Winning the Lucha Underground championship would mean the supremacy of The Temple. It would be a warning to tell people that I am the one who governs everything.”

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