WWE Total Divas Season 6, Episode 3 Recap: A Big Flippin’ Deal

Total Divas Miz Maryse

We learn many things about Maryse this week on Total Divas. We find out she and her husband, The Miz, have a ridiculously nice house.  I didn’t see enough to decide if it’s John-Cena-compound nice, but it’s up there. Maryse is more of the spender in the household, while Miz — surprisingly — comes off as the more practical one. We also find out she has a soft spot for animals. She visits a shelter to drop off donations before a big red carpet event with Eva Marie … and walked out with another dog.

This might not sit well with Miz, considering they already have a brood of them, and he wasn’t about to get another one. Maryse doesn’t tell him that she got Luna and takes her to the red carpet. The dog leaves … um … presents along the way, so they go home, and she comes clean to Miz about the new four-legged family member. He has no choice but to be overcome by the cuteness and welcome Luna. Another interesting factoid about The Miz and Maryse is when they aren’t in a WWE ring, the couple flips old and rundown houses into a profit. Much like getting another dog without consulting her husband, Maryse buys a home before getting Miz’s input. She looks at the purchase as a $400,000 investment, but Miz was mad about being left out of the decision-making.

The two go to dinner before Miz has to leave for a month to film The Marine 5 in Vancouver. He is worried Maryse isn’t thinking long-term when it comes to finances and saving for the future. Miz wants to improve communication between himself and Maryse. Maryse brings up that when she was 15, her dad went missing and was found dead in the mountains from an apparent heart attack. When those things happened, Maryse says she grew up fast and was put in situations where she had to make big decisions quickly. She thinks that is why the way she is. Miz says he just want to be part of the process as an equal partner. She apologizes. They come to a mutual understanding. Maryse does gift Luna to her sister, which makes Miz happy.

Elsewhere, Trinity received news she would be in the next installment of The Marine movie franchise. The role calls for her to be a biker chick. She goes in search of inspiration at a motorcycle store. Trinity has a fear of motorcycles after her friend was hit and had to have his leg amputated. This visual is what she has connected motorcycles with. Her husband Jon brings a moped home in hopes of helping, and things don’t go so well.

Total Divas Jon Trinity

She has an anxiety attack and feels the pressure to prepare for the movie.  Trinity gets mad at Jon, feeling he isn’t taking her situation seriously. Jon came to her with flowers and a card with the message that he booked a flight to support her on the movie set. This gives her a boast in confidence.

Brie Bella’s efforts to get pregnant are unsuccessful so far. This isn’t necessarily bad news as she heads to Los Angeles to meet her sister Nikki, Lana, Paige and Renee Young for a WWE photo shoot. She views the time as an opportunity to break out “Brie Mode” and let loose one more time before motherhood mode takes over. Brie partakes in alcoholic beverages, looking hot in bikinis and potentially wants to get a tattoo. Nikki thinks she is going a bit too far, especially without talking to Bryan about the new ink first. Brie feels Nikki is a party pooper. Nikki wants Brie to understand life isn’t over just because you have kids. Brie starts to see the light. The verdict is out on the tattoo.

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