Empire Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: Tough Love

empire-season3-ep7-cookie-angelo-mom Chuck Hodes/FOX

On last week’s episode of Empire, we almost lost Jamal (again) and Cookie ended her relationship with Angelo because her cookies were shown to the whole world during his run for mayor. With the midseason finale only two episodes away, who knows what’s ahead?

Angelo shows up at Cookie’s door with her much-needed coffee and a little extra sugar. He gives her an ultimatum and Cookie tells Angelo that she’s back in. Yay! I ship these two so much.

Lucious is still riding Jamal, telling him that he doesn’t have the numbers needed on Empire X Stream because he isn’t performing or recording any new music. Did Lucious ever give Jamal a sincere thank you for saving his life?

Great. So D-Major is now supplying Jamal with drugs. That’s sure going to help him recover.

Jamal shows Cookie the new song he recorded which happens to be all about her. He’s trying out something new with his music by playing old home videos of Cookie and her family while listening to the song. He wants her to live in the music.

Chuck Hodes/FOX

Apparently things became a little too real because Cookie shut things down once she saw her father pop up on the screens. She tells Jamal that he had no right getting those videos and can’t use them. Yikes!

The time has come for Cookie to meet Angelo’s mother (Phylicia Rashad). Dun dun dun! You think Cookie would be on her best behavior but she stood the two up. Angelo is not happy about Cookie disrespecting his number one girl like that. All she can do is keep saying sorry.

Lucious was a little punk from the beginning. Keeping Cookie out late, past her curfew, her father kicked her out once she started dating Lucious. He found a gun and Lucious’ drug money in his house and all he could do was kick Cookie out. Now I understand why Cookie had a hard time seeing her and her father so happy in those videos.

Worrying about her past, Cookie didn’t make it to meet Angelo’s mother. However, after hearing her story, Angelo tells Cookie that dinner with Cookie and her sons can make up for it. I’m not sure that was smart thinking, Angelo.

Cookie opens up to Jamal about her relationship with her father. One day she saw the paramedics wheeling her father inside the ambulance in front of her house. She tried to get inside to ride with him and her sisters to the hospital but her sister wouldn’t let her. She told her that Lucious was the one that Cookie decided to be with.

The ambulance drove off and Cookie’s father died that night from a heart attack. Her sisters blamed her for stressing their father out. It was three days since her father had kicked her out.

Of course, Lucious finds a way to ruin things for Cookie’s new relationship. He had to plan a party at the same place Cookie was having dinner with Angelo’s mother so now the dinner is going to be at Cookie’s house.

I can already tell this dinner is going to be a disaster. Lucious makes Hakeem babysit Bella and Jamal shows up to Cookie’s high on these new pills that D-Major gave him. Andre better come in to save the day because this isn’t going well.

Nope. It gets worse. Hakeem shows up with baby Bella crying, because he doesn’t know how to make her stop and Jamal wouldn’t pick up his phone. To put the cherry on top, Lucious and Anika show up. Lucious decides that he should tell Angelo’s mother all the little details about their family like how Cookie was in jail and that Anika is his wife who gave birth to his granddaughter.

Chuck Hodes/FOX

To save the day, Jamal plays the new version of his song about Cookie. After hearing about Cookie’s relationship with her father, he was inspired. He wrote a song that detailed how strong Cookie was to be kicked out of her own house by her father, all for love. It was beautiful but come on, that would have been the perfect song to have Jamal sing with Boyz II Men. One day!

Everyone has a past and Angelo’s mother can understand that from personal experience. She tells Cookie that she sees the fire that burns inside of her but warns her to not have that fire ever burn her only child.

Andre was too busy partying it up with Freda, Nessa and Shine at a party for their late brother, Stone. He wanted to prove that he was loyal to Nessa while also proving to Shine that Freda would work with Empire again. Shine isn’t that much different from Lucious. As Freda and Nessa perform, Shine is seen recording the whole thing.

What were your thoughts on this episode of Empire? Do you think bringing up Cookie’s past will make her have feelings for Lucious again? She’s worked so hard to impress Angelo’s mother that I think she’s stuck on him for a while. Does Jamal have a drug problem? If anyone needed to take something to take the edge off at dinner, it should’ve been Cookie. Why is Lucious still trying to sabotage Cookie’s relationship with Angelo? Will Freda trust the Lyons again? What does Shine plan on doing with that video? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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