Jane the Virgin Chapter 51 recap: She Ain’t Your Mama

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The honeymoon phase of Jane’s time with her cousin Catalina is over. In fact, it’s more like two weeks over now. Just four more days. Jane can make it, right? Let’s see if Jane can survive her cousin on tonight’s mid-season finale of Jane the Virgin.

Dang! Abuela doesn’t play around when it comes to church. She makes Jane feel guilty that she hasn’t gone to church in a while and says that Mateo will suffer because of it. I highly doubt Mateo is going to make friends with the devil because he’s not attending church. Just watch out for any imaginary friends once he gets older.

Rogelio catches Xo in a lie about meeting Bruce. He asks why she’s hiding Bruce and Xo says it’s because she doesn’t want Jane to find out. They’re “just exploring” still and not together. I’m sorry, are we in middle school? Who says that?

To prove he doesn’t care about Xo seeing Bruce again, Rogelio tells Xo that he’ll be meeting with a matchmaker to help him narrow down his long list of hundreds of eligible bachelorettes.

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The bank account from Rafael’s mom’s note is linked to a convent in Italy where his mom was born. Quite odd since Rafael’s family was never one to be seen at church.

It would then make sense that Rafael isn’t totally on board for Jane taking Mateo to church every Sunday. He doesn’t want his son to be “super religious” before he can make the decision for himself. Guess that’s a hard no.

Jane stopped with the nice, subtle hint approach to get Catalina out and finally told her the truth. She wants her booty out of there, like yesterday! Catalina took the news easily and said she’d be out tomorrow. Yay! Adios, Catalina.

Rogelio’s first date with Denise Richards was a disaster. He broke the rules of not talking about his ex and shared a little too much about his personal life. He was almost booted out of his matchmaker, or should I say, love dealer’s club.

I didn’t know this church thing was going to be a family ordeal. Michael and Rafael, who don’t want to be at church, accompanied Jane and Mateo to the Sunday service. Looks like Rafael has some PTSD from going to church when he was young. He saw one of the statutes in the church and had a flashback to him crying when he was a little boy. What’s this all about?

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Ugh, this girl just never leaves does she? Now Catalina is staying with Rafael at the Marbella? Puke.

So Rafael’s dad has a collection of stolen art from the convent in Italy that Mutter was giving money to each month. Rafael tells Michael that when his father died, he had a hunch that this art might have been stolen and covered it up. Michael helps Rafael out by not getting the cops involved. Do I see a bromance here? Too soon?

Uh oh! Rogelio finally broke and told Jane about Xo getting back with Bruce. I bet Rogelio didn’t think that Xo would interrupt his celebrity mix ‘n’ match. At least we all know that Xo is the one that Rogelio really wants to be with. Not all these other ladies.

Jane thinks Catalina’s story about getting out of a charity event is total B.S. She invites Catalina for dinner to try and get more out of her but ends up discovering something even better while Catalina is finishing getting ready. A big bag of cash rolls and jewels!

Jane gets caught while snooping in Catalina’s bag. When Jane tells Catalina that she doesn’t believe her, Catalina tells Jane why she has all the things in the bag. I guess it’s better to carry cash in another country than to use a credit card and the jewels are family heirlooms she was intending to place for auction. I bet Jane feels like crap but I still think we need to keep an eye out on Catalina.

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Rafael puts together the little tidbits of his flashbacks to when he was a kid together and realizes that he was at a convent with his mother. A statue of a veiled virgin is what helps Michael locate the convent in Miami. Michael has Rafael visit the convent in hopes of something triggering his memory. Jane points out that since Rafael knows nothing about the religion, she should accompany him.

Mother Superior, who might be connected with Mutter, gets a call to come back to the convent because Rafael is there. As she returns, Rafael wanders off into her office to snoop around. Jane tries to make it to Rafael to warn him but Mother Superior beats her to her office and finds Rafael looking through her things.

I thought Rafael was a goner! Turns out Mother Superior is willing to sit down and talk with Rafael. She admits that she stole the paintings for Rafael’s father because the convent and orphanage needed money. Mother Superior hands Rafael a letter that holds the answers he needs.

Rafael gets back into the car with Michael and Jane and lets them know that he wants to return the stolen art and turn himself into the police. He says that he didn’t find anything while inside but I know he’s lying because Mother Superior said that letter held the truth.

Michael gets the bad news that he didn’t pass his physical and can’t return to his job. All he’s allowed to do is desk duty. Who wants to do that when Rafael just said he wants to turn himself in?

Wow, everyone is coming out with the truth tonight. Xo tells Jane that she knew Bruce was married when they got together. She lied about Bruce not telling her. That was one of the main reasons why Jane hated his guts and now she found out it’s all a lie. That had to hurt Jane.

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Yikes! Rogelio might be having a baby with is million dollar matchmaker. I guess they’re not really mixing business with pleasure because the baby is just business too. Yeah, that kid won’t grow up feeling weird.

I knew it! Well, I don’t know what the actual “it” part of the situation is but I know Catalina is lying about something and she lied about the jewels in her bag being family heirlooms. An older man knocks on Catalina’s hotel door and she greets him with kisses. She asks if he’s mad at her for running off with his family’s jewels but it doesn’t seem like he cares. Is Catalina a sugar baby and that old dude is her sugar daddy? Yuck!

We’re actually going to see what’s inside that note Mother Superior gave Rafael. Rafael shares the note with Jane and tells her that it’s a secret Mother Superior kept for Mutter for 32 years.

It’s Rafael’s birth certificate. He was born in Italy right around the time that Mutter lost a baby. She bribed the nuns and they brought Rafael over into the U.S. He’s not really a Solano. I had a feeling this was going to turn into some Annie-type storyline. Where’s all the music? This is too depressing without it.

What were your thoughts on the mid-season finale of Jane the Virgin? How do you feel about Catalina? I’m with Alba on this one. I never liked her and I definitely don’t trust her now that this sugar daddy dude showed up at her door. Do you think she was trying to get to Rafael’s money? Joke is on her because he’s not truly a Solano. Will Bruce and Xo last? I think it’s hilarious that Rogelio wants to have a baby with someone he hired to help him find a girlfriend. What do you think will happen now that Rafael found out he’s not a Solano and is going to turn himself in? Should he turn himself in? Will he look for his real family? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Jane the Virgin returns Monday January 23 at 9/8CT