Sheen and Ballentine Star in PBS’ New Anne of Green Gables

This Charming Revival is One Thing We're Thankful For This Thanksgiving.

Anne of Green Gables Courtesy of Breakthrough Entertainment / © 2015 Gables Productions Inc.

Martin Sheen stars as Matthew Cuthbert in this all-new revival of L.M. Montgomery’s beloved 1908 classic, Anne of Green Gables. Ella Ballentine is enchanting as Anne Shirley, a free-spirited and determined redhead who is placed in the care of Matthew and his austere sister Marilla Cuthbert (Sara Botsford) on Canada’s Prince Edward Island. Although the siblings had originally requested a male orphan to help around their small farm, they and the town are soon charmed by Anne’s romantic heart, thirst for adventure and knack for getting into trouble.

Ballentine presents a pluckier Anne than we’ve seen in past productions, and she gives the entire production a joyful, blue-sky twist that makes it particularly charming. We hope this isn’t the last time we see this young talent playing one of our favorite literary redheads. (On a related note, PBS will air the 2003 film Pollyanna immediately following Anne of Green Gables.)

Anne of Green Gables > PBS > Thursday, Nov. 24 at 8pmET/PT

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  1. The Megan Follows production is the gold standard. But I really enjoyed this one. Anne Shirley, like Jo March and Scout Finch, continues to inspire girls who walk to their own drumbeat.

  2. Huge shoes to step into. I think Ella Ballentine does a nice job but Megan Follows will always be Anne to me. I don’t know why they didn’t follow the book as closely as the prior series. I think they made some unnecessary changes to the plot.

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