WWE Total Divas Season 6, Episode 2 Recap: Big Flippin’ Deal


This week on Total Divas sees Trinity in shock shortly after hearing about the Pulse Nightclub shooting. The news hits close to the heart considering Orlando is her hometown. Trinity and her uncle used to hang out at the popular spot often.

It’s an emotional moment when Trinity goes to visit the memorial and pay her respects. She is overwhelmed with sadness seeing familiar faces and realizing so many lives were lost over a senseless act of hate. This inspired her to host a vigil in the community to bring people together. It’s probably one of the most real moments in the history of the show. Trinity takes the experience as a reminder of the importance to take time out of her busy schedule to stay in touch with her family more. She unveils a plaque with the names of the 49 who died and closes with a candle ceremony. Kudos to Trinity for using her celebrity and platform for something so impactful.

Elsewhere, Natalya is featured more prominently on WWE television and begins working with the women’s champion in Charlotte. She is feeling the pressure to perform with Maryse returning to the company and newcomers like Lana working their way up the ladder. Lana in particular seeks the veteran out for advice, maybe a bit too much for Nattie at the moment. Natalya agrees to help Lana perfect her entrance and work with her at the Performance Center, despite only having a few hours at home. Lana ends up at Nattie’s house while the family is there.

Natalya’s dad, Jim Neidhart ends up giving Lana a crash course in shot put. Lana ends up tossing the heavy object through the window of Natalya’s car. I mean shot put near cars seems like a good idea to me. Speaking of good ideas, if E! was looking for another Total Divas spinoff, they can easily do one on Nattie and her family.

At the same time, I don’t’ think Lana will be picking up the track and field event any time soon. The incident added more fuel to the fire. It ends up being a bad few days for Lana, who witnesses Dana Brooke stealing a signature move she was perfecting. Rather than go to confront her, she decides to initially reach out to Natalya. She consoles Lana, who is in tears. Natalya gives her a confidence boast by telling her how hard she has been working. The moment helps Nattie realize that being a champion means everything isn’t just about her. It’s about being a role model and leader for others. She takes the role seriously.

Lana Practicing

The Bella Twins have a clash in priorities. Nikki is driven to push the Bella brand past the WWE Universe and into other projects. Brie agrees to a certain extent, but having babies is at the top of her list these days. After all, it was why she retired from the ring in the first place. Despite ovulating, she agrees to participate in a cover photo shoot with Nikki for Latina Magazine. One day turns into multiple days after other opportunities present themselves in New York. Brie isn’t happy that Nikki is accepting the offers without getting her input and taking her schedule into account. Nikki eventually talks to Brie, who believes she needs to talk to husband Bryan if he even still wants to have kids. Viewers of Total Bellas got a bit more insight into Bryan’s struggles with depression.

The couple is driving near their residence in Phoenix when the conversation comes up. Brie mentions that she doesn’t want him to feel like she is pushing him into it. He admits to having concerns, but wants to try. The idea of having kids excites him. At this point you got to believe Brie has the “Yes!” chant running constantly in her head.

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