Empire Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: You Just Got Hacked!

What happens when Empire gets hacked and things get too personal?

empire-season3-ep6-lyons Chuck Hodes/FOX

Halloween is over but on this week’s episode of Empire, the zombies are back. For some reason, Tiana’s song has hacked the Lyon family’s electronics to where they can’t shut off her song. Her face on the album cover changes from perfection to a broken, dead zombie. What is going on?!

Lucious gets a special message with his Tiana song hack. “Lucious Lyon…you got got.” Okay, who is rick-rolling the Lyons?

Someone has hacked into Empire’s emails and Lucious is ready to chop off some heads. They need to move quickly before the hacker gets into Empire X Stream’s subscribers’ information.

Chuck Hodes/FOX

Before Lucious can do anything to stop the hacker, he gets flooded with emails and another special message, demanding $1 million every hour into a remote bank account. I feel bad for the tech guy that Lucious hired to help stop the hacker. His life is literally on the line if he doesn’t stop this hacker.

Every employee at Empire has their business out in the world thanks to the leaked emails. Poor Tiana is smacked right in the middle since her song was the first thing that ignited this hack. Now she has to deal with Gram telling lies about her sleeping with him.

Okay this hacker has gone too far now. They released a nude photo of Cookie’s cookies?! That isn’t right. Maybe it’s a good thing that Tariq showed up when he did to investigate this hack.

This hacker is getting stronger and stronger. They’re able to hack into Jamal’s recording session and delete his entire song.

The hacker quickly gains access into Empire’s entire system and all Lucious is doing to help is standing in the background with a baseball bat in his hand. Who does he think he is? Negan with Lucille? Puh-lease!

After the nude photo leak, Cookie knows that Angelo won’t be able to win mayor if he stays with her. She tells him that they have to end their relationship in order for him to win. Cookie wants to see him win because she believes he can do great things for the city. I didn’t want to see this relationship end.

Our mysterious hacker has been so smart this entire time that it seems foolish they’d leave behind a USB drive to get caught. Looks like Gram is quite the geek when it comes to technology. Lucious, Andre and Shine pay Gram a visit at his house and find all the incriminating evidence on his computers. Such a rookie mistake, Gram.

Empire is safe once again. It only took a day to track down Gram with everyone’s help.

Chuck Hodes/FOX

In celebration of gaining Empire back, Andre is promoted to president of Empire X Stream and Xavier is now head of A&R. Only problem with Xavier’s promotion is that it was supposed to be Becky that was promoted. She’ll get her revenge.

Tariq finds an interesting email from Lucious to Andre. In the email, it seems that Lucious tells Andre to give a certain amount of money to two different people. What interests Tariq’s is that the email is dated two days after Frank Gathers’ death. Could it be that Andre helped Lucious pay these two people for Gathers’ murder?

Jamal is slipping back into a dark place. He might even have developing addiction to pain killers. He calls D-Major for help but when D-Major arrives at Jamal’s house, he’s too late.

Jamal and D-Major share a one-night stand. When D-Major tries to wake Jamal up, he realizes that Jamal might have overdosed. Instead of calling 9-1-1, he calls Jamal’s other friend, Philip, for help. Luckily Philip knows what he’s doing and takes Jamal in the shower to wake him up.

Hold up. Andre is the one behind the hack? He meets up with Vaughn and pays him for helping hack Empire. Andre wanted to prove to Nessa how much he trusts her so she saw everything that happened during their meeting. It’s clear that Andre wants more power and he wants Nessa to help him gain the ultimate power. Think of them as the new Brangelina, before they broke up.

What were your thoughts on this episode of Empire? Do you think Andre will be successful in accomplishing his goal? I doubt Lucious will bow down to him peacefully. What are your thoughts on Cookie ending her relationship with Angelo? I know she means well but I don’t think Angelo really cares what people have to say. He truly loves her and I love their relationship. What’s up with Jamal? Do we need to worry about him already? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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