Jane the Virgin Chapter 49 recap: The Witch is Back!

JANE-THE-VIRGIN-Chapter-Forty-Nine-AUDIENCE Robert Voets/The CW

It’s been three months since poor Petra has been paralyzed and Anezka has been running her life. Luckily, after last week’s episode of Jane the Virgin, Jane and Rafael feel they’ve cracked Anezka’s dirty plan.

Alba finally caved in and let Jane read all the letters from her sister, Cecilia. She didn’t expect to receive a phone call from her sister after letting Jane read the letters. After 42 years of not having Cecilia in her life, Alba is furious that Jane made contact by donating to the family’s fund for medicine.

Ouch! Alba has never been mad at Jane and now she’s not even talking to her.

All oiled up, veins popping out and a sleeveless shirt. Oh yeah. Rafael is definitely trying to show off during his “man date” with Michael at the gym. I guess that didn’t go as planned. Especially when Michael saw Rafael flirting with a lady that has a ring on her finger. Player!

At least Rogelio and Rafael’s bromance is going well. Rafael got Rogelio an audition for a film to help his crossover in America. Oh, did I mention that he’s going to be wearing his birthday suit? Full frontal nudity. But hey, Rogelio is very comfortable with himself.

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In order to get proof that Anezka is not Petra, Rafael placed a camera in a bear that he gave to the twins. He’s caught Anezka red-handed, speaking in her accent on the phone with her mother about killing Petra.

Rafael barges in on Anezka about to give Petra another dose of her paralyzing medicine. He tells her that he’s caught her on camera and notices Petra moving. The medicine wears off and Petra is finally able to speak.

He asks for her name and Petra answers, “Anezka.” What?! What else was in that stuff Anezka was giving Petra?

Phew! Petra still knows who she is. She didn’t tell Rafael the truth because he signed over his shares to Anezka, thinking she was Petra. To keep Anezka out of jail, Petra tells her to follow everything she tells her. First thing on the list is to break up with Scott.

After donating to her cousin Catalina’s gofundme page, Jane and her cousin started to talk to each other online. Jane told Alba about her conversation with Catalina and of course, Alba told Jane to end the conversation.

Sadly, Cecilia didn’t just ruin Alba’s wedding. She ruined her relationship with her family. Alba tells Jane that her mother died not speaking to her. This is why Alba is trying to warn Jane from speaking to her relatives.

I know Anezka is pretty stupid but I didn’t think she’d be so stupid to get engaged to Scott when Petra said to break it off.

The real Petra was going to officially break things off with Scott. That was until he told her that he found a buyer for the hotel. Petra keeps her mouth shut about the breakup and asks to meet this French man who wants to buy the hotel.

Rogelio nailed his audition and got the role, Michael and Rafael finally found out they share an interest in soccer and all three of the men were able to crack the code that Mutter left Rafael in the bible. Looks like they’ve uncovered the numbers to a bank account that could have all her money. I love this bromance that all three men share!

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Xo’s students performed their last recital and her emotions were all over the place about where she’d go with her future career. Xo imagined a charming performance from Alba, Jane and Rogelio that played off of Grease’s “Beauty School Dropout” in her head. It helped her realize that she wants to open her own dance school. I wish I had someone to sing my future to me!

Petra changed her mind and ended her engagement with Scott.

Wow. Jane wanted to keep in touch with her family but on her own terms. She didn’t think that her cousin Catalina would just show up at her doorstep, unannounced. Stalker alert!

Dang! Petra is brutal! She makes Anezka get a tattoo right across her forehead that reads, “NOT PETRA,” in bold, black ink. She doesn’t stop there. Petra tells Rafael that she’s not going to leave the hotel, he is. Petra tells him that he’s going to sell Luisa’s last third of the hotel to whomever Petra picks.

I guess she’s not happy about no one noticing it wasn’t her when Anezka was playing her. She tells Rafael that he was right about Anezka trying to be her and that she heard all the things he said about her. Petra wasn’t too happy to hear that she didn’t have the “mom gene” before Anezka took over. The claws are out!

What were your thoughts on this episode of Jane the Virgin? If you were Alba, would you be upset that Jane got in contact with Catalina? I don’t blame Alba for carrying that grudge for 42 years. Do you think Michael and Rafael can be best buds? I’m glad to see that they’re attempting to develop their bromance. What do you think Petra will do now that she’s threatened Rafael? Will she keep Anezka around? Maybe Scott will still want to be with Anezka. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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