Empire Season 3 Episode 5 Recap: Brothers Divided

empire-season3-ep5-lucious-jamal-cookie Jean Whiteside/FOX

Uh oh! Shine wasn’t lying on last week’s Empire when he said he wanted to kill some Lyons. Lucious is always one step ahead of everyone and knows that Shine would want to start a war. He’s got his back covered with armed cars and undercover cops around every corner.

Unlike his father, Andre wasn’t suspecting a surprise visit from Shine. Andre turns around to see Shine pointing a gun at him along with all his henchmen. Andre got lucky when Shine’s first gun didn’t go off. He tested his luck again when Shine’s second gun went off but Nessa ran out just in time to push the gun away from Andre’s direction. Bet Shine didn’t expect that one!

Since Shine is such a gentleman, he takes Nessa away and tells Andre that he’ll save him for last.

Jamal is still having a hard time performing in front of large crowds but wants to stay loyal to his fans. He asks Hakeem if he would make his Empire X Stream live performance a duo with Jamal. This way, Jamal would be able to still perform for his fans but it could be from a more private setting, such as his living room. It’s genius!

Hakeem is questioning why his baby is always sleeping, but I think he should be questioning why Lucious is reading her a book about evil.

Jean Whiteside/FOX

Lucious wants Hakeem to keep the drama going between him and Gram now that Gram challenged Hakeem. All Lucious sees is more dollar signs with this drama, not that Hakeem is representing the Lyon name. Apparently this is great talk to put a baby to sleep.

Shine and Lucious have a quick conversation about doing business together again. Thanks to Anika for lightening up the mood and making Shine hear what he wants to hear, the two hotheads make a deal. Shine will also be working with Freda. This should be interesting.

Cookie and Angelo were doing so well up until Cookie had to ruin it by suspecting that Angelo was talking about her with her parole officer. Maybe she just has a horrible, stuck up parole officer. Lucious could always have something to do with it, too.

During rehearsal for their live Empire X Stream performance, Hakeem tried to make his daddy proud by changing up his verses and attitude to clap back at Gram. Jamal was not having it and brought in mama for backup. You bet that Cookie slapped that idea right out Hakeem’s head.

Lucious found a way to get inside Hakeem’s head to bring out the anger that he needed for his live stream. Lucious always seems to finds a way to get what he wants. Hakeem tried explaining to Lucious that he didn’t need to get back at Gram because he had Nessa as a secret weapon. Lucious pointed out that his brother, Andre, already claimed Nessa.

Cue the angry chair-throwing performance.

Jean Whiteside/FOX

Hakeem went too far with his lyrics by calling out his brothers as liars and saying that Jamal used to dress up in girl’s clothes when he was little. The action didn’t stop there, oh no. Lucious made sure to keep the cameras rolling when Hakeem went off on his brothers for not telling him about Andre and Nessa. Poor Cookie’s attempts to shut everything down were useless against everyone’s shouting and shoving.

Finally, something good out of this episode! Angelo tells Cookie that he is going to fight for her, even if that means he’s got to fight against Lucious. Yay! I totally ship them. I just hope nothing bad happens to Angelo because he’s fighting against Lucious but I doubt my hopes will come true. We’re talking about Lucious here.

Shine is such a weasel. He agreed to end the beef with Lucious but is now letting Tariq in on some information to incriminate Lucious. He tells Tariq about the suspiciousness that surrounds Frank Gathers’ death while Lucious was in prison with him.

What were your thoughts on this episode of Empire? Do you think Lucious is going to find out that Shine is talking to Tariq? Lucious reminds me of Santa Claus. He always knows what’s going on and knows who is on his team. Do you think Hakeem had a right to react the way he did during the live stream? I don’t understand how he brought Jamal into it when he was upset that Andre was with Nessa. Jamal isn’t with Nessa, too! Will Angelo and Cookie make it? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. To be honest this season is a bit boring and just more of the same to me.. Jamal’s problems are just silly and forced just to make them look ”fresh”, and Hakeem attacking Jamal does not make any sense, Andre I can understand, but now Hakeem is best buddies with Lucious.. Really? Oh and Cookie thinks that Angelo reported her and not Lucious who is so good and like an ”angel” person..

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