Jane the Virgin Chapter 48 recap: Goodbye Party

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After last week’s monumental episode of Jane the Virgin, the only thing left to do is have a housewarming party to welcome the happy couple. Only problem is, they don’t really own the house.

Jane and Michael are dumbfounded when the manager of the property barges into the house with potential renters. Michael tries telling him that they signed a lease with their realtor but the manager already knows who he is.

Someone has been paying half of Jane and Michael’s rent up until last month when this mysterious person stopped paying. It’s not Rafael and not Rogelio, so who could it be?

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Could it be true? Rogelio might not have what it takes anymore to be the precious arm candy to make other women jealous? Apparently for author Amanda Elaine, Rafael is more her type. Rogelio’s transition into American fame relies on Amanda’s decision to make him the main role in her Christmas cookie film. So, Rogelio asks Rafael for a favor but is quickly denied.

Picture Xo working as a teller at a bank. Yeah, I can’t see it either. At least Xo is happy that she got the new job at a bank. Hey, it’s not the post office or DMV.

Jane figures out that Petra is the one who has been paying half of her and Michael’s rent and that she paid the manager of the property to keep quiet about it. Now that Jane knows, she goes to thank Petra, who is really Anezka and has no idea what she’s talking about.

To repay Petra for all that she’s done for her and Michael, Jane invites her, Anezka, to dinner at her house. Of course since this is Anezka we’re talking about, she invites Scott to go with her. Definitely not the person Jane wants inside her house.

Anezka gets a very threatening and scary visit from one of her mom’s prison friends. She tells her that her mother had a special message for her. The unfriendly prison friend yells at Anezka to finish the deal that she set up with her mom to sell the shares. She only has 72 hours to sell the shares and get her a good lawyer or Anezka’s little secret is out. She better get moving!

So that weird dinner didn’t go out as planned. Rafael is starting to sense that something isn’t right with Petra now that she wants to sell her shares so quickly. Since Jane was going to have her and Scott over for dinner, she thought she’d play detective. Thinking it was another Milos situation, Jane asked Petra, really Anezka, if Scott was blackmailing her to stay with him. Anezka got so upset that she canceled the dinner early.

Xo quit her job at the bank. Knew that wasn’t going to last very long.

Being a college student, I know how hard it is living on a tight budget. That’s why I can relate to Jane and Michael when they started arguing over their new budget plan to come up with the extra rent money. It’s stressful.

Rafael is such a nice guy that he caved in and agreed to go with Amanda to the charity event as her date. In return, Rogelio has to babysit Luisa from drinking. Turns out, Rogelio was a good therapist for Luisa and she was able to figure out that she wants to drink because she feels she’s a bad sister to Rafael.

Oh no she didn’t! Jane went to talk to Anezka about what happened the other night at dinner but the angry prison friend was yelling at Anezka that time was up. So what does Anezka do? Shove Jane into the pool! At least our girl Jane knows well enough to drag Anezka right in with her because hey, that’s what you get. The two start fighting in the Marbella pool and after Scott pulls them apart, Jane tells Anezka that they’re officially out of each other’s lives.

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Jane and Michael realize that instead of trying to make their current home situation work out, they’ll just move into a smaller home. As long as they have their family, that’s all they need.

Instead of the housewarming party they planned for it has turned into a goodbye party.

Rogelio didn’t get the part in Amanda’s movie but Alba got a new job at the Marbella’s gift shop.

Anezka is truly her mother’s daughter. Not only is she now blackmailing Rafael into allowing her permission to sell her shares, but she’s also demanding that he sell her his shares. She gives him 24 hours to comply to her demands.

Hallelujah! It may have taken everyone some time to figure out what Anezka was doing but Jane finally cracked it!

She ran into Anezka outside Rafael’s office and startled her with a little squeal coming from Anezka. Immediately Jane started running everything through her head and came to the conclusion that Petra might not really be Petra. She quickly walks into Rafael’s office to tell him her thoughts and it looks like Rafael believes her.

What were your thoughts on this episode of Jane the Virgin? Do you think Rogelio will make his crossover into American fame? Should Xo go back to her dreams of being a singer? As soon as she said she got a job at the bank, I literally laughed out loud. Now that Jane and Rafael are onto Anezka’s little plan, do you think they’ll have enough time to reveal her? I’m curious if Scott thinks she’s really Petra or if he just doesn’t care because he’s getting power by being in this relationship. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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