Jane the Virgin Chapter 47 recap: Jane’s Sex Tape

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After receiving good news from the doc on last week’s episode of Jane the Virgin, Jane and Michael are literally running outside the doctor’s office to go back home and get it on. Only problem is Rogelio is also outside … with the movers. Tomorrow is always another day.

Whoa. Talk about a doppelganger. Jane looks just like Alba’s sister, Cecilia. While interviewing Alba for her thesis novel, Jane learns that Cecilia was the one who told Alba’s husband’s family that she wasn’t a virgin. Alba still doesn’t know why Cecilia did this to her on her wedding day. Maybe she really is just an evil sister.

Jane the Virgin Jane-Michael
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Oh. My. God. Jane has officially lost her virginity! Can you believe it?! She and Michael finally found some alone time and did the deed. Our girl is all grown up.

Oh. Oh no she didn’t! I thought it was suspicious that the laptop was left open with the webcam facing Jane’s bed. As things started to heat up, Jane accidentally sat on her computer, turning on her webcam. She can now say that she and Michael made a sex tape. And, without knowing this, she sent the tape to her adviser. Instead of hearing Alba’s story about her evil sister, Jane’s adviser is going to open up an X-rated film. Yikes!

Technology isn’t always our friend. In Jane’s case, it was her No. 1 enemy. Her adviser opened up the email before she could get her second email warning her about the first. Awkward!

Rogelio isn’t giving up hope with his dreams of becoming a crossover star. He’s now trying to work with The CW to make an American adaptation of The Passions of Santos. Fingers crossed it works out. Wink wink.

Unlike Rogelio, Xo is second-guessing her dream of being a singer. When asked at an audition, what she would be doing if she weren’t a singer, she didn’t have an answer. Jane asks for Rogelio’s celebrity status help to keep Xo’s dreams alive.

The good news is that The CW loves the idea of making an American adaptation of The Passions of Santos. The bad news is that they want Rob Lowe to play Santos instead of Rogelio. You can guess that Rogelio isn’t having that.

Jane thought her first time would be magical. Maybe it was, but she might have had to fake it a little so Michael didn’t notice how she really felt. To spice things up a bit, Jane bought a gel that she thought could solve the problem. Unfortunately, she had to run to the bathroom to get rid of the ensuing burning sensation, instead.

Rogelio isn’t giving up his spot on The CW’s adaptation of Santos. He comes up with a brilliant plan that if he can recruit Gloria and Emilio Estefan on his show, then the three of them combined will be greater than Rob Lowe solo.

The Estefans also come in handy when Rogelio’s first plan to help Xo keep her dreams alive falls through. Now Xo is performing in front of Gloria and Emilio Estefan at The Marbella. Talk about dreams coming true!

Jane the Virgin Xo
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Meanwhile, Rose and Luisa have been hiding in a submarine this entire time. Rose says that she’s done with crime, but Luisa isn’t sure she can trust her. Luisa is being forced to make a decision between staying with Rose or going back to her family. Remember that she killed your dad, Luisa!

Turns out Jane doesn’t feel so special like she thought she would once she lost her virginity. She feels like she’s lost a part of her identity. Xo is there to remind Jane that not everything is perfect the first time around. She tells Jane to give it time. Yep. Looks like a little more practice is all the happy couple needed.

At first, Jane had a hard time developing the Cecilia character in her  novel. After getting into the proper groove with Michael, Jane was able to put together a story about why Cecilia told everyone that Alba wasn’t a virgin at her wedding.

Alba thinks Jane read her letters in her closet to figure out how Cecilia betrayed her but Jane reassures her that she simply made it all up. Jane didn’t know that Cecilia was actually in love with Alba’s fiancé and that’s how it all began.

Jane the Virgin Chapter Forty-Seven
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Luisa came back to the surface and visited her brother, Rafael. She told him and Michael everything about Rose and the murder list, which included Rafael’s brother Derek and his mother Elena. Shocked to hear that Elena was on the list, police go to Elena’s cell, only to find her taking her last breath and calling out for her son.

What were your thoughts on this episode of Jane the Virgin? Can you believe that our Jane is no longer a virgin? It’s going to be weird seeing the title of the show still calling her a virgin. I can’t believe Jane’s adviser saw her and Michael having sex! I would’ve dropped out of school. Why do you think Xo is second-guessing her dreams of being a singer? Can Luisa be trusted? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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