Gold Rush Preview: Hoffman Says He’s Getting His Ass Kicked

Gold Rush preview Season 7, Episode 2 Discovery Channel

A lot of big moves are part of Season 7 of Gold Rush. Todd Hoffman moved his entire mining operation out of the Klondike and to the Blue Mountains of Oregon — specifically, High Bar Mine in northeast Oregon — where they are striking out BIG TIME on finding gold. While Todd was inspired by his original prospecting trips he took to the mine last year — actually, he was so inspired that he set this season’s goal at 5,000 ounces — things aren’t looking good right now and his staff is starting to address their concerns. “We’re getting our ass kicked pretty bad up here, this isn’t turning out like how I dreamed,” Hoffman shares in a preview to this week’s episode (Friday, Oct. 21 at 9pm ET on Discovery). “Right now it’s not going good.”

Here’s a clip to this week’s episode of Gold Rush:

While no one has ever set up a full commercial operation at High Bar Mine, Hoffman believed this would be a huge opportunity for his family and team. He said in the season opener: “This is going to be our promise land … Just think about. We climbed a mountain let’s climb all the way to the peak. I want to see a miracle on this mountain.” Hopefully that miracle will come in quick time.

Other big moves we saw in the season opener included Tony Beets looking to re-engineer another dredge. “People thought I was crazy, but it makes lots of @#$%ing money,” Beets said in the premiere episode. “So I’m doubling down. I bought another dredge and I’m going to have to shift it 150 miles down the @#$%ing river.” To do this the entire Beets family is working with him — Monica’s assembled a girl-power team, and Kevin and Mike are trying to keep the current dredge afloat.

As for Parker, he’s cut his team in half and is looking to deliver the same amount of gold as they mined last year, unless his claim owner (Tony Beets) makes some changes to his royalty, or if Parker finds another opportunity.

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Last week’s Season 7 premiere of Gold Rush was ratings gold for Discovery Channel, as the premiere episode was ranked as the No. 1 show on all of TV on Friday night among males 18-49 and males 18-34. It was also cable’s No. 1 telecast across all 25-52, 18-49 and 18-34 demos, even beating out TBS’ American League Championship series games.


  1. Todd Hoffman is a moron. When will the Discovery channel figure this out. Every decision he makes is wrong. He is so lucky to have a crew that makes up for his mistakes. Even when he hit over 3 million dollars, he must have lost money. All that equipment, materials and labor would far surpass the 3 million. Discovery channel must be paying most of the bills. Get rid of Todd, we will still watch.

    • Totally agree – send Todd packing and give it to Dave who should be running the crew. Todd aggravates the viewers and while controversy sells – I sometimes flip channels to avoid having to watch this loser complain. He’s got good people and treats them like crap. send Todd packing – please!

    • Hoffman formula
      1) fumble about for one season
      2) finally become successful next season
      3) abandon everything you’ve learned and move 1/2 way across the country/world for the “biggest opportunity ever”, and fail spectacularly
      4) repeat

      The only reason this formula works is because people love to watch a trainwreck, and it makes discovery and the Hoffmans a fortune. Most of their money comes from the show, not gold mining

  2. Talk about a bunch of alcoholic clowns! USA complain about Key Stone pipe line and environment! These guys are recking creeks ,trees,the land, for chump change. Totally none professional group of people

  3. Todd needs to grow a pair of balls, step up to the plate and take responsibility for his teams failings. He has a great team around him and they are breaking their backs working for him. He is not a genuine leader of people. Todd is obsessed with trying to beat Parker (or as Todd calls him The Kid), no respect from Todd and that will be his downfall. Tony Beets, the man with the plan. he will make it work. An experienced miner, he has seen defeat and he has kept on going, he has the taste for success. Well done The Beets crew. Parker is only a young lad and has already proved that he can stick it out along with the experienced crews. If he just learned a few more people skills he would be brilliant. As ha wise man once said “The art of negotiation is the art of conversation” stop getting wound up Parker. Freddy Dodge, Chris Doumitt, Dave Turin, Rick Ness, Mitch Blaschke would make a great crew if they worked together

  4. I agree Todd is accessed with how Parker does and if he’d do some work himself and not have such a big crew they’d Make a profit I think if it wasn’t for discovery backing Todd he’d be broke and they gotta be paying Dodge alot to stay away from his claim discovery must pay him to baby sit the Hoffman’s and make sure Jack don’t fill his pockets with gold on the clean ups.

    • I sure hope this gets published Todd Hoffman is a joke it is a waste of the Discovery Channel the money time everything I do not see how they can let someone like him even be on their show is got to be the dumbest person I’ve ever seen he knows nothing about heavy equipment in mining the way they operate it’s a wonder they have not got someone killed I’ve been in operators union for 25 years and never seen anything like this all he does is pray that the Lord will give him his gold and if something goes wrong he runs home to Mama and Daddy Jack and whines and cries never seen a grown man like him cry as much as he does on national TV so if everyone’s like me that are to be sick and tired of it by now I hope he goes bust and it doesn’t make a damn Diamond Oregon for one reason the way did the boys up on the high-top Ridge Hill whatever you want to call it the way he walked off and left them is the way it would do not a Christian man just praying to the Lord all the time for riches I think that’s why everything is going bad for him the Lord gives you what you need so tired little bit I know somewhere and hide and while you’re doing it but that damned string off of your face that’s the stupidest looking down now I don’t know what you want to call it a horse’s ass Taylor Scottsdale but it would get rid of it Discovery Channel get rid of the Hoffman’s

    • I agree that Todd Hoffman is obsessed with Parker I think if Todd would listen to Parker little bit the young boy might give you a little advice on how to get some gold evidently he knows a lot more than Todd does I just have no use for tired what-so-ever or not the Hoffman’s Jack Hoffman is in their way in this cold out and I agree how much I love it because of his pockets before he turned it over to the guys because ain’t none of them ever in there with him when he’s counted out it’s Jack Shack come out so that kind of says a lot right there that you know he’s got to be doing something to not want no one in there with you so Discovery again take it off I get rid of the Hoffman crew you have more people watching the show

  5. Todd just needs to get his gold and not worry about Parker and just do what he can do.Parker doesn’t care about Todd and Todd doesn’t need to worry what Parker is doing, Todd just needs to worry about Todd

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