Gold Rush Exclusive: Parker Schnabel’s Got a Girlfriend and a New TV Series

Parker Schnabel and his new girlfriend Discovery Channel

Never thought I’d be reaching for tissues watching Gold Rush, but the Season 7 premiere is a bit of a tearjerker. When the hit Discovery Channel series begins Friday, Oct. 14 at 9pm ET/PT you’ll see 21-year-old Parker Schnabel at the gravesite of his beloved grandfather and mentor John Schnabel. It’s a sad start as the Schnabel family pays their final respects to a man they adored. But after the grieving, this season brings some positive changes for Parker including a new girlfriend, a custom new wash plant, a new profit strategy and a new TV series. We talked to him about it all.

On his grandfather’s passing and the support he received from family, friends and fans … Luckily we are in a small town and we were able to have a very nice service for him. We had a great goodbye. It was a lot of fun. A lot of my closest friends came out for the service and that was what was really important. I know that there was a huge amount of comments and notes online, but to me what mattered the most was those people who are close to us — not discounting the fans  of the show — there were a lot of people here for me when I needed them.

On his investment in a customized $600,000 wash plant … I changed a few things on the design. The guy that really designed the plant was Hayden Cowen [spelling unconfirmed] who has mined up in the Yukon forever and is a super smart guy, he built several wash plants from the ground up, so it’s really nice to have that as a design. Something that is proven and well tested, and used by someone in the Yukon, with the same conditions that we are using a plant in. Hayden was invaluable to getting that designed. We tweaked a few things ourselves but it was really a good call to get that built. It’s a great plant and I definitely am real happy with it. It likes to wash a lot of rocks and find a lot of gold. It was a huge part of our season. It was a huge cost. Buying something like that brand new was a lot of money — lot of pressure to put on the operation.

Parker Schnabel of Gold Rush Season 7
Discovery Channel

On his beautiful new girlfriend from Australia — Ashley Yule …. Ashley and I met in Australia. We hit it off pretty well so I invited her over to spend some time in North America. Neither one of us knew what to expect but we had a lot of fun — she’s super easygoing, which is what you need out at a place like that. Ashley just rolls with the punches and helps out where she’s needed. If we need her to drive trucks she’ll drive trucks. She ended up cleaning gold a lot of the summer or helping do fuel things or whatever we needed her around the place. She stayed busy and tried to stay out of my way when I’m in rage mode. Yeah, it was fun. It was a good summer. I’m really glad Ashley was there for it.

On his uninspiring goal this season of just 3,000 ounces due to Tony Beets’ royalty clause [a clause that awards Beets 25% of his cut over 3,000 ounces) … The goal target is always a big part of the season and the guys weren’t real stoked on going for less gold this year than we had last year. But for me it was a business decision. At a certain point I think a 25% royalty rate – I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to pay that. I will look for other ground. I will go find something else well before I start paying a 25% royalty rate.  And the only way to get that to change is by making a stand and saying: “I’m not paying that, right?” If I complain about it to Tony but then I go and mine 4,000 ounces and pay a 25% royalty rate on 1,000 ounces of gold at the end of the season and I’m sitting there complaining about it, that doesn’t really get the job done — right? I have — we have to — make a decision that we’re not going to do that and we’re not going to put up with that, and that’s the only way we’re going to fight back on it. Complaining is not going to get us anywhere. I’ve tried that plenty of times.

On how they can really be OK with just 3,000 ounces … We don’t start the season with the same goal we finish the season and that’s all I will say. But maybe that’s not a good thing? We might go down, too, right.

On Todd Hoffman’s move to Oregon … It doesn’t impact me in the least.

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On naming his new washplant something special … We do name it something special but you’ll have to wait to hear about it on the show. It’s a wonderful name, by the way. [Mitch Blaschke came up with the name]

On trimming down his staff … If we’re going to lower our goal and we want to make more money, of course we’re going to have to go with less people. We really trimmed down the crew and went lean and mean and that is our way of saving money. Get the most out of the least amount of crew that you can.

On filming a new TV show and his plans for the winter … Well actually I’m working on another TV show right now so that will come out of the woodwork in a few months probably, but I can’t really talk about that too much. But it’s a pretty exciting new project that will keep me busy for a while. After that I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Maybe I’ll end up back in Australia. I don’t know.

On his new TV show’s subject matter (which also will air on Discovery)… It’s pretty much completely different. Not completely different but not too mining related.

Gold Rush airs on Discovery Channel Fridays at 9pmET/PT


  1. Parker you will probably not remember, but your Grand Pa said to you at one time to calm dawn. Explosive behaviour will do you more harm than good . If Ashley Yule got any sense she will stay in Australia . If one partner has to avoid their lover because they are in a rampage or being moody, it’s a sick relationship. And as for bitching about how the new guy operates and then fires him. It don’t say much for you. You must be hard up to get workers , cause no one wants to work with you. If you were a decent guy would would do a proper interview and check him out on the machinery. So what I’m saying is, don’t be an asshole all your life.

  2. My last comment I said you could not do anything with God well I hope people realized I meant without God because none of us can do anything without God including breathing. God bless America and our president elect Mr. Donald Trump and our Vice President Mr. Mike Pence and their families.

  3. How Parker ever gets anything done has to be because of Rick and his crews working ability and coordination because watching Parker move around is like watching a little girl or old woman move, no coordination at all. He looks like a sissy moving around. Not taking anything away from someone that works in a dress shop but that’s how he moves. I’ll give him credit he did learn something about gold mining from his grandfather who was a great humble guy and a good gold miner who I think anyone would like to be like (hard but humble). After working in heavy construction ( marine and land) over 40 years and being a superintendent at a very young age (24) I must admit I was hard but not humble until I got hurt and realized how much I needed the people that worked with me because I couldn’t do it by myself. Later in life I realized I couldn’t do anything with God. Maybe Parker’s head will get smaller with age and he’ll realize he needs the folks that work with him and and he realize how bad he needs The Lord. I stick by my comment that he is not coordinated as most hard workers are. I hope he gets to the point where he realizes that the people he has with him work with a leader better than they do for their leader. Their are a lots of hard workers like Rick that if someone gave them the money to get started in a business they could be right where Parker is if not ahead of him because they would appreciate it more. Good luck Rick and please work hard and don’t worry about having your name in the lime light one day you will be given a big chance because of your hard work. Lead the people working with you and sometimes you have to drive them hard but be fair always.

  4. I find the show fasinating from Todd’s immature personality to Tony’s brashness. Todd is a wannabe Tony who can’t stand ‘The Kid’ showing him up. If you notice ‘The Kid’ works harder than most men. Have you ever seen Todd do any work? Hmmmmm wonder if theres a lesson here, that Granpa John taught Parker early in life and Todd’s dad maybe dropped the ball or gave up with Todd?

  5. Parker, your a great role model for “men”….. Actually yoirna real man…and your girlfriend is beautiful…hope everything you dream of becomes yours!! Don’t pay attention to haters…its envy!!

  6. As an Aussie working in the US I sure hope she has a work permit or the gestapo
    will be all over them. Not allow to breath as a foreigner in the US unless of course you are an illegal and ran the border. The other issue that will set her up is that she is white.

    • What a load of rubbish, she doesn’t do porn and they haven’t broken up. People like you make up this rubbish because you are jealous of a successful good looking guy and just can’t stand that he could be happy AND have a pretty girlfriend…Idiot….

  7. I have to say that I kind of find it ironic that so many have something smart to say about Parker, Or as one said, Who would name their kid Parker? Bottom line, It does not matter what his name is. He has done more in his 21 years than most of you smart asses in your entire life. He is a role model for many young adults. We need more like him in the world. CONGRATS Parker !!!!

    • Like Minnie Deets said (He’sa young man who wnts to work. How often do you find that these days?)

  8. I have to say that I kind of find it ironic that so many have something smart to say about Parker, Or as one said, Who would name their kid Parker? Bottom line, It does not matter what his name is. He has done more in his 21 years than most of you smart asses in your entire life. He is a role model for many young adults. We need more like him in the world. CONGRATS Parker !!!!

    • There is nothing wrong with the name Parker. He is not your son, so mind your own business. What’s in a name Anyway? Parker is a great young man. He has done a lot in his life. He is a very hard worker.

  9. Watch eye in the sky in slow motion when she’s driving the rock truck. Wearing a mini skirt and commando

    • Yeah watched it, you need glasses or a better TV. She has tan jeans on and a thick black seat belt, who wears a skirt on a mine claim??

  10. Sue m.. his grandpa passed away in march so when he went to australia in the summer grandpa John was already passed away.. he spemt THE final two weeks with him i loved john hes a good man

  11. I enjoy this show greatly, and I thought John “GrandPa” was just a darling.
    I am surprised that Parker spent the summer in Australia, if I had the chance to spend the remaining days with my beloved Grandfather, I just can’t imagine going to another Continent”
    I wish Parker well and hope he doesn’t regret spend his last summer away from GrandPa.

    • Sue m.. his grandpa passed away in march so when he went to australia in the summer grandpa John was already passed away.. he spemt THE final two weeks with him i loved john hes a good man

  12. Nothing tickled me more than to see Parker smack that stupid smirk off Minnie Beets’ face when she learned that Parker had them over a barrel with Gene Cheeseman. She and Tony thought that Parker was “just a kid” they could push around but they seriously underestimated him. Good for you, Parker!

  13. I did not know Grandpa had passed away until I watched the new series’ first Episode. He was such a lovely man and was just how I would imagine a Grandpa to be. I hope he’s at peace, God Bless.

  14. Well Jim how many millions had you dug out of the ground by the time you were 21? Parker may sometimes have a ahort fuse but actually I find Ashley’s taste in men impeccable. As you don’t find many young men Parker’s age with his drive motivation and work ethic. As for the royalties. I don’t blame him. If the only person making all the $$ after 3000 ounces is Tony Beets why mine anymore? He doesn’t have his own crew and equipment to work for someone else. In some business deals you have to smart enough to not screw yourself or the deals not worth doing. Past 3000 ounces isn’t worth doing. If I wrote the agreement my royalties would start high and go down the more they mined to inspire them to pull more money out of the ground. I would start at 25% and work down to 18%.

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