USA Network’s Falling Water Is a Dreamy, Intricate Mystery

Falling Water, USA Network © 2015 USA Network Media, LLC Credit: Giovanni Rufino/USA Network

“What if our dreams are like tiles in a grand mosaic we’re all dreaming together?” asks a voiceover in the first few minutes of USA Network’s Falling Water. “Now what if a person — that one right person — could wander out of their dream and into yours? What if that person was you?” Mind blown already?

In this drama series from executive producers Gale Anne Hurd (The Walking Dead), Blake Masters (Brotherhood) and the late Henry Bromell (Homeland), three unrelated people slowly discover that they are dreaming separate parts of a single common dream. Tess (Lizzie Brocheré) has an uncanny ability to predict trends. “[Tess] is very troubled because, in her dreams, she sees a boy, her son,” Brocheré says. “Everything in her bones, in her body, tells her she had a son that she sees in her dreams, but in reality, she doesn’t.” Burton (David Ajala), head of security for a financial institution, has a passionate relationship with a woman. “One day he wakes up, and she’s not there,” Ajala explains. “And he has to get to grips with trying to work out if she exists in his dream world or if she exists in his waking world.” Taka (Will Yun Lee) is a detective who escapes into dreams. “He slowly starts getting things that help him become a good detective, and he’s known as ‘The Hunch,’” Lee says. “But as he falls further and further into the dream, he starts getting clues that start linking all three of our characters together.”

As the characters piece together their visions, they discover that their fates — and the fate of the entire world — may depend on their shared dream.

Falling Water premieres on USA Network Thursday, Oct. 13, at 10pm ET/PT. Preview the entire first episode of the series at

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