The Walking Dead Poll: Who’s Gonna Get Negan’s Bat?

Who "Wood" You Pick to Get the Bat?

The Walking Dead Poll Gene Page/AMC
Who will fall victim to Negan's Bat?

Since the final moment the Season 6 of The Walking Dead, we’ve anxiously wondered which of 11 major characters meets a disastrous fate at the end of Lucille, Negan’s (Jeffery Dean Morgan) barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat. Fans have searched for clues to the victim’s identity in frames of footage, shadows, and Season 7 teasers and trailers. And the stars of the AMC series have been hounded by fans and the media, and have seen their haircuts, social media posts and new projects get scrutinized and hypothesized over. And to add to the stress of it all, everything related to the season has been full of misdirection and red herrings; rumor has it that the production filmed 11 different death scenes, one for each cast member (although, Rick and Carl are definitely safe, right?).

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So who do you think meets their maker at the hands of Negan in the Season 7 premiere? Vote Below in our The Walking Dead poll! And feel free to defend your choice in the comments.

Ugh, I know this is only a TV show, but it pains me to vote for any of these characters.

The Walking Dead Poll
There’s plenty of Negan for everyone. Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan is part of TV’s tastiest cliffhanger since Dallas made us wonder, “Who Shot J.R.?” Gene Page/AMC

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  1. I think it’s Eugene since last episode he said all of his goodbyes and gives Rick the formula to make bullets and I thin Rick gona lose one of his hands.

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