Recap: Shameless Season 7, Episode 2 – “Swipe, F**k, Leave”

Karen Ruud

After learning last week that Frank survived his forced jump off a bridge, let’s see what’s in store for the Gallagher gang this week on Shameless Season 7, Episode 2 – “Swipe, F**k, Leave”

Frank: He’s still barricading himself in Fiona’s room, but Fiona takes matters into her own hands and crowbars the door apart, but Frank — having escaped out the window — is now downstairs. He starts spewing venomous insults at every member of the Gallagher clan. Claiming he is disowning them, he says he is only keeping Liam on as his kin and they leave the house.

Fiona confronting Frank to get out
Fiona confronting Frank to get out

Headed to a local home improvement store after taking one of Debs’ stolen credit cards,Frank is looking to hire some workers for the day. “Dumb illegals” as he puts it to Liam. Offering them $100 each, he hands them a supply list. He is having a brick wall installed to block everyone from getting upstairs. Frank, trying to low-ball them on the work, finally gives into the full amount after they threaten to murder him in his sleep.

Frank is indeed back to his “Shameless” self.

Now that he has secured his living arrangement again, he drags Liam to the Alibi so they can go pick up some chicks to take home. Sad that his side kick in this adventure is 6. However it works and they take their new friend home.

Jeremy Allen White as Lip Gallagher and Emmy Rossum as Fiona Gallagher in Shameless (Season 7, episode 2) - Photo: Cliff Lipson/SHOWTIME - Photo ID: shameless_702_1632
Jeremy Allen White as Lip Gallagher and Emmy Rossum as Fiona Gallagher in Shameless

Back at the house, the soon-to-be surname-less family (since Frank will be taking the Gallagher name back) realize they are blocked from the upstairs. Fiona is not upset about this, since she refuses to let Frank steal any of her energy anymore. Taking matters in their own hands, they cut Frank’s water supply to the upstairs. Frank, in retaliation, drops a raccoon down the hole into the living room where everyone is sleeping now. It’s war!

Fiona: Repressing all of her feelings about what happened at the wedding, and fed up with being boss at Patsy’s, Fiona goes to the “corporate” office to quit and discovers that if she does so, they will just close the restaurant all together. In order to spare everyone’s job, she agrees to stay on — but it’s under the conditions that the place can’t lose any money.

With a newly refreshed and take-no-crap attitude, she starts hiring new waitresses to replace the ones she can’t depend on. Bye Bye, Olga!


Fi quickly makes new friends with some of her new hires, and they convince her to hang out for the night. But be sure to bring Lip. Learning the hot new trend of hooking up on social media for meaningless sex — hence, the name of the episode — she gives it a go. Excited by this new form of release, she drunkenly shows up to V’s at 2 in the morning wanting to talk but gets the door slammed in her face.

The next morning, V brings her some coffee and tries to get her to open up about the wedding debacle. Fiona claims there is nothing to talk about nor will she ever talk about it. Fiona, ditching the conversation, heads upstairs with her sledgehammer in tow to tear down that wall.

Carl: Recovering from his surgery and trying to keep his teenage boy hormones in check doesn’t prove to be to easy. Popping his stitches after Dominique’s dirty talk at school, Carl races to the doctor to get them fixed. The doctor gives him a pep talk on ways to prevent getting an erection that didn’t seem to sink in — he popped his stitches again! The doc warns him next time it can’t be fixed and reminds him to just think of hairy balls.

Now aboard what must be the world’s hottest train, since almost everyone on it is a hot chick, he takes the doctor’s advice. He starts to picture these women with hairy balls hanging off of them. At home he watches C-SPAN. He may just make it!

The next morning, when Lip and Ian catch a glimpse of how mangled things are “down there,” they tease him. He just barks at them to leave him alone. The brothers, in an effort to help Carl make it through the 72 hours, pick him up at school in Ian’s ambulance and dope him up for the next  3 days. BINGO! He makes it through and gets his prize at the end.

Ian & Caleb: Upset over busting Caleb with a woman, Ian is having strong feelings about Caleb possibly being bi. He calls Caleb out about his date with Denise, which Caleb doesn’t consider “cheating” since Denise is female. Ian, on the other hand,  is 100 percent gay, through and through, and feels Caleb should be too. Caleb tells Ian that maybe he should try being with a woman since no one is 100 percent anything.



Ian, not sure what to think at this point, chats with Lip about it and decides to try it out with a woman. Nope. He is 100 percent gay and completely repulsed by what he just did.

Feeling Caleb tricked him into being with a woman to make it right for Caleb, the pair have it out. Caleb is still seeing no harm with his date, so Ian decides to leave him. Good move!

Lip: Helping Fiona get the finances at Patsy’s straight and starting his errand boy internship at a tech company, Lip is still trying to play it sober. Well, “his rules” sober. When V tells him that he is starting to remind her of the old man, he passes on that beer he ordered.

Later, back at work, he passively watches the feds come in to confiscate some servers. Good thing for the owners they just wiped them out before the feds grabbed them.

Emma Kenney as Debbie Gallagher in Shameless.
Emma Kenney as Debbie Gallagher in Shameless.

Debs: Still in the stealing-strollers biz, Debs’ new hobby bites her in the butt when she heists one with a baby still in it. Oops! Luckily she noticed right away and was able to just ditch it before anyone noticed.

The Happy Threesome: Kevin’s new role of house husband keeps him in charge of watching the kids and cleaning. It also tends to be a bit more stressful than he anticipated. Rather than trying to keep up with the kids’ messes, he just lets them go nuts. V and Svetlana, coming home to a trashed house, are not amused — but hey, at least the kids are alive, Lip reminds them.

The next day, he sees a truck advertising topless maids. Excited by this, he hires one but is disappointed to find it’s really just a front for prostitution. Realizing this may actually be a really good idea, he sets out to start a real topless cleaning service —  Nooks and Fannies.

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