1. Roxxy finally goes home and it’s Katya, Detox and Alaska for the win. And Alaska will win.

    The consensus among queens around the business was that Jinkx’s win (which I applauded) snatched the crown off the more traditional, drag-loved Roxxxy, who represents the mainstream history of drag with great, feminine looks no matter what her size is. The former contestants of Drag Race have chimed in over the years that their choice was Roxxxy. So that puts things into perspective a bit for both her and Alaska’s prominence now – the producers feel they can milk the threesome a little while giving Roxxxy the love.

    Katya is a fan favorite and so is Alyssa. That rounds out the top five rationale. Plus everyone in the top six and beyond is an absolute top drag talent.

    Ru has picked the winners knowing their choices to go home. So Ru STILL is picking the queen to leave while awarding the episode wins.

    And Alaska was ill-served by the shenanigans, which just played wrong and did seem manipulated. If Alaska needed to express her vulnerability and was a little sloppy about it after winning more than anyone ever has, what is the harm in it? We had to put up with the nastiest crap in the history of the show with Phi Phi and the most embarrassing crash ever with Adore’s sad messiness.

    I don’t even like Roxxxy’s style, but I have more respect for her than ever because her, Detox’s and Alaska’s runway looks (augmented by Katya’s swimmer and lesbian executive looks) have pretty much set a new standard for excellence for the show.


  2. Rupaul rigged this show by having rolaskatox on. He strategically places them in low and high positions giving them the chance to eliminate everyone else. In the end it will be rolaskatox in top three with Alaska winning. Rupaul did this on purpose to make up for giving Jinx the win over Alaska in season 5. Too bad he didn’t just have a unified win in season 5 instead of this forced make up all stars! Detox is boring and overrated, Roxxy is beautiful but keeps screwing up, Alaska is totally the teachers’ pet. in example of unfairness,Alyssa was grilled for coming out in a black ball of fabric and revealing her camera dress, but Alaska was praised and placed tops for her black ball of fabric or plastic and then do her past doll lookalike. Lame to say the least. Too bad all these reality shows are fixed, scripted and edited so cruelly. But Rupaul is very, very rich now. Visage needs to be booted. But I am so happy that drag has emerged and that is to the thanks of Rupaul and us fans!!!!!!!!!!

    • So, so, obviously rigged. I agree with you Eleanor. The behind the scenes machinations are not fooling anyone and Michelle Visage MUST go! Done watching.

  3. WTF Roxxy should have been eliminated ages ago!!!
    Rolaskatoxic more like it – their alliance is lowering the standards of the game, I’m sick of seeing Roxxy bombing at every challenge and allowed to stay when other more deserving queens should be there.
    I love Alyssa & Katya. Now that Alyssa is gone it’s Katya all the way!! Win you sexy Russian bitch, win!

  4. I agree Cheryl. I noticed Rupaul’s jaw drop when Alyssa was eliminated. I have been a devoted fan since season 1. What has happened to Alaska? She has developed this deep throated voice and seems so utterly different from season 5 and not in a positive way. I think Alyssa and Tatianna were the absolute stars of this season. So terribly disappointed they are gone. If Alaska wins I may never watch again. Hoping Rupaul does’nt reward bad behavior.

  5. They called b/s on Alyssa for choosing consistency and then they turn around and save Roxxy who should’ve been gone at least 3 weeks ago. I hope those 3 all lose because of lowering the shows standards.

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