Shameless Season 7, Series Premiere – “Hiraeth”

Karen Ruud


Thankfully Showtime has lessened our wait time to see the fate of what happened to Frank Gallagher in the Season 6 finale. They were even more generous by airing it early in the week on certain social media platforms.

So let’s dive into the Shameless Season 7, Series Premiere – “Hiraeth.”

Frank: We start of seeing Frank floating in a black abyss of water with his life flashing before him in a disturbing montage of his family members and all his vices.

He wakes to find himself in a hospital by the arousal of the nurse cleaning his manhood. The nurse on the other hand is ecstatic that their John Doe is finally awake. Turns out he was found freezing cold in Lake Michigan and has been in a coma for 29 days. Getting drilled about what his name is, if he has insurance etc., he is just trying to piece together how he ended up there. Last thing he remembers was going to a wedding and is kind of shocked that none of his family tried to come find him. Of course they didn’t, duh, they are the ones who dumped him in the river to begin with. However, Frank hasn’t quite pieced this part together yet.


Now learning what fees he racked up for his 30 day stay, he tries to jump out of bed stating he’s not paying a dime. Totally ignoring the doctor that is advising him against that, he falls flat on his face. The first place he heads is The Alibi, in a wheelchair since his legs aren’t working. As he rolls in everyone in the bar acts if they had seen a ghost since they figured he was dead. Frank is still oblivious to what happened and keeps rambling on about how his family never came to look for him. Once Kev says to him that he must not remember, it’s like he got hit with a memory truck because it all rushes back to him. Upset that they did this to him, he wheels out in a fit of rage. Well, as raging as one can be in a wheelchair.



Returning to the Gallagher household, he drags himself back into the house. Screaming for help to get his wheelchair, everyone just ignores him as he is as welcomed as the black plague. Finally, an upset Carl (about his own problem) talks to him and fesses up they all were hoping he was dead. Once Fiona returns home, she literally drags him out of the house as he is kicking and screaming. Of course doing his usual Frank ramblings on how he saved her.

The next morning as everyone leaves the house, he is still there and they are still ignoring him. Frank not having, this breaks back into the house after killing some brain cells sniffing glue with a bum and heisting some rope and a crow bar out of a work truck. So he raids the fridge and hoists his wheel chair his bum body up the stairs. Declaring Fiona’s room as now his own, he throws all her crap in the hall and nails the door shut. Ewwww, can’t wait to see how she handles this one!


Debs: Realizing Fiona was right that she is to young to be raising a baby, she goes to drop the baby off at a firehouse. Attached with a note to give her to a really rich family. As the fire alarm starts to go off and the trucks are about to take off, she races back to grab Francis. Figuring she’s got to make this work somehow, she heads to the park in a rich part of town. Trying to play nice with the other moms she is completely ignored. Seeing how oblivious these women at the park are in their own goo-goo ga-ga worlds, she heists a fancy stroller. Returning home she realized she just hit the jackpot! Fancy toys, a wallet containing tons of cash and credit cards oh and the stroller is worth 4g’s. Slapping it up on Craigslist she makes some fast easy money.

Debs — with her new found wealth — hires a night nanny to care for Franny so she can be well rested for school, oh, and her new occupation of stealing fancy strollers. BTW this poor nanny shows up while Fiona is dragging Frank down the stairs. Poor women has no idea what craziness she is in store for!

Fiona: With a fresh new “screw men” attitude, she gets her day started in the usual manner cleaning up after the kids. And Debs baby. Thinking for a moment about how she said she wouldn’t lift a finger to help her, she goes back and throws the dirty diapers back where they were. Meanwhile she is interim manager at the diner and they can’t hire someone fast enough. She just wants to get back to waiting tables since she makes more money and doesn’t have as much stress. Guess that isn’t happening quite yet so says she’ll keep doing it for a raise. OH and for the record, I don’t care how much of a screw men attitude I have, I would NEVER turn down free Radiohead tickets. Silly girl. Hopefully she can keeps this up, for once she needs to find herself.


shameless_701_2100-rCarl: Still doing dating Dominique, they are as sexual active as any teenager may be. Questioning her why she doesn’t perform certain acts on him, Carl learns that he is “different” then other guys she has been. But that’s ok, she still likes him so not to worry. Not knowing what she means he tries to peek on other dudes in the bathroom and still doesn’t quite know what’s going on.

After talking to Lip & Ian he finds he was never circumcised. They assure him this is ok as long as he keeps good hygiene. Wanting this remedied pronto he goes to get the surgery done. The doctor advises against it given his age and tells him just to get a new girlfriend. Carl’s not having that, he wants it done. So he digs up his rainy day fund and gets it done. Now just to not get aroused for a week, good luck with that since he IS a 16 year old boy.

Ian & Caleb: Trying to work out some plans over their busy schedules, Caleb tells Ian he is meeting up with an old high school friend. But not to worry, it’s a woman and she is married with kids. It’s not sitting right with him though, he feels there is something more there. With one of his co-workers egging him on that maybe something is going on he starts to have even more doubts.

Caleb now sensing that he is upset about this Denise date, he opens up that is was his high school girlfriend and he is more then welcome to join them for dinner. He declines and says he has plans with Lip. Talking Lip into following Caleb with him, Lip questions why he just didn’t go to dinner with them. Ian fesses up that he doesn’t want Caleb to know that he doesn’t trust him. Turns out his suspicions are right one as they spy on them heavily making out on the street. Guess Caleb swings both ways after all.


Lip: Fresh out of re-hab, Professor Youens comes to pick him up. Drilling him about his stay and sobriety, Lip just asks about that job he promised. Youens says he can get him an internship somewhere and although he was expelled from school he can always transfer his credits. Lip’s not digging the school idea, college is not for him he tells Fiona. He is in need a job stat so Fiona hires him at the diner and returns to live at home for now.

Lip is not exactly staying “sober” either. With a new drinking plan set with plenty of rules, he goes to the Alibi. Turns out his AA chips with his “rules” are various forms of drinking chips. I imagine it’s only a matter of time before that plan backfires, but one day at a time I guess.

Kev, V & Svetlana: They are still making this  happy three-some family situation work out. V however is stressed about balancing the checkbook. Svetlana steps right in and they learn what a math wizard she is. Having her now take a look at all the finances she calls for a family meeting which Kev takes as a new term for “family sex night”. Uh, turns out she is just trying to get the “family” finances in order. Guess they better work on that communication.

Shameless airs on Showtime Sundays at 9pmET