1. So—I KNOW this post is not in regards to the ALLSTARS season but I am having a helluva time FINDING
    somewhere to post comments on ANY of my shows and i REALLY REALLY NEED TO VENT!! Just started watching Rupaul Dragrace over this past summer although i have ALWAYS LOVED RuPaul ANYTIME i’ve seen her on tv! Absolutely Stunning!! I Love her show so much that i bought ALL 8 seasons & the 2 Allstars! I am at the end of season 4 & I AM LITERALLY APPALLED at Phi Phi O’Haras behavior!! I read a post regarding her comment about the shows “editing” & making her look bad! **cough, cough** If anyone has seen the “untucked” episodes there wasn’t any way to EDIT the foul,nasty narcassistic things that came out of her mouth! Most of the queens are inspiring however Phi Phi is a shameful disgrace to the profession of Drag. She certainly DIDN’T change much during THIS SEASON either! Karmas a bitch so after season 4 she got pretty much what you would expect (except for the threats–thats just wrong at ANY TIME)!! YOU REAP WHAT YOU SEW PHI PHI & YOU CAN’T FIX WHAT YOU DON’T ACKNOWLEDGE!! OWN THAT SHIT & humble yourself QUICKLY for there are ALWAYS CONSEQUENCES to EVERY ACTION and none of yours will be good in the end if YOU DO NOT CHANGE YOUR WAYS. thanx for letting me vent!!

  2. I just watched last night and I don’t agree with the decision to send Alyssa home..This is a competition it should not be based on friendship. Detox crying really.. You saved Roxxy because she’s your friend and somebody stated she;s got good P…. Really Alyssa should of not been eliminated it should of been Roxxxy. Every one was shocked that Detox chose Alyssa I could see it on there faces… And Alaska so desperate that she would pay someone to stay. Maybe she lined Detoxes pockets. Alaska… desperation does not look good on you. Alyssa was a threat that’s why she was eliminated . Beware Alaska is getting rid of the competition. Clever Girl… I know who I want to win and It’s not Alaska…

  3. I have been in LOVE with Alaska since her season. I own t-shirts, have downloaded songs, own albums and everything. HUGE fan here.

    I did not care for Tati on her season. I thought she was needlessly rude and confrontational.

    With all that said…

    After last night, I actually think less of Alaska because it was obvious to even me, that Roxxxy’s time is up and Tati deserved to stay. I also thought Katya was better in the lip sync and that, when it comes down to it, Detox should have been in the bottom instead of Tati in the first place.

  4. Alaska is playing the game right. However Roxxy should of been sent home but Tati is the competition.. And Katya need to step up to the plate. She’s allowing Alaska to win the lip Sync because she does not want to make the decision on who she should sent home…

  5. I think Alaska sent Tati home because she is competition. Roxxxy is not. Alaska is playing the game right. However I was disappointed. Roxxxy should of been sent home. And Why is Alaska winning all the lip sync from Kayta is allowing this she’s not trying because she does not want to make the decisions… Wow..And I think Detox took Tati ideal for the challenge it was kind of the same however her trash can was on a pre school level.. Sad.. Kayta,, Alyssa.. Tati… Love these Queens……

  6. It’s not Alaska’s fault. As Tati said it’s CHOICES. #1 Nobody is going to buy duck tape from Alaska as a brand. #2 Roxxy’s brand was one of the best marketed ideas and yet the judges decided that the commercial wasn’t polished because she used a joke twice, but they couldn’t mention that before hand? #3 Alaska should have never been in the top 2. However, at the end of the day it’s Alaska’s game to lose, and the judges really don’t need to give her any help. All you have to do is ask yourself if you had $30.00 to spend at the RuPaul conference which products would you buy and you can see, the judges missed the mark this week and some contestants missed a prime opportunity to get help marketing a product that could last them years after this competition is over.

    • Oh I think Alaska fans will buy the tape. It’s not like they would care about using it. As far as missed opportunity, I’d like to know how long the contestants had to come up with a product. If they only had like 15 minutes, then I think they all did fantastic.

  7. Biased much Alaska? Seriously how do you justify sending Tatianna home? You now have sent both Alyssa and Tatianna home, both stars of the season. I don’t think Alaska is funny, loved her in season 5. Seems contrived to me. I have watched every season, I may be done watching, so disappointed. I guess the rumor is true. Alaska wins,ridiculous.

    • Meh, I’m totally good with Alaska winning, but I don’t think she’s helping Roxxxy anymore. Love Roxxxy but the “God knows if it’s my time” was super annoying to me.

    • Agreed! And geeezzz Alaska…stop with the stupid accent already. What is it, hillbilly British old man?

  8. I am so disappointed in Alaska. Roxxxy should of went home I mean how many times is her “friends” gonna save her when she
    Doesn’t deserve it. Tati did way better. So disappointed

    • I would’ve liked to have seen more of Tati as well, but I’m glad for her that this second round of time on Drag Race has showcased her well.

  9. Alaska is playing the long game now. She know Tati is better that Roxxy. She just about said so in her speech. She’s keeping the competition light and it really her game to lose. In fact, she really should have won her season imho.

    • Well and there is the idea that Tati missed 2 challenges. Is it really fair to send her through when she wasn’t tested by the lip sync challenge or the acting challenge. But then again, Roxxxy’s been in the bottom so many times…

  10. Shocked Tatianna was sent packing. Strange choice after all the Roxxxy time in the bottom 2, and her inability to do anything except present smashing runway looks in a set subgenre of drag. It’s an error, and I am not a reflexive Tatianna fan at all.

    • I was also surprised, but I think just like with Snatch Game, Tati got good feedback before the challenge & she seemed to relax a bit. Girl, it’s All Stars. Ain’t no time for relaxing. Plus the competition is so close, one little misstep & you’re in the bottom.

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