Cartoon Network’s Mighty Magiswords Offers New, Sharp Edge In Animated Fun

Mighty Magiswords Cartoon Network

It must be fun to live inside the brain of Kyle A. Carrozza, the creator of Cartoon Network’s new animated series, Mighty Magiswords. Because I assume that it’s Carrozza who has the ridiculously fun job of coming up with the bizarre, hilarious, and sometimes even functional, Magiswords. With names like Laser Pointer Magisword and Frog Missile Magisword, these odd tools for odd jobs are sure to be a hit with collectable-crazed kids (like mine).

In the imaginatively outlandish series, siblings Prohyas and Vambre  live with their adorable dragon, Grup, in the fun-to-say, Kingdom of Riboflavin. They are “warriors for hire”, who use their impressive collection of Magiswords to aid them on their quests. The brother and sister with rapier wit (<– see what I did there? 😏) enlarge their ever-growing collection of swords by finding them while on adventures or by purchasing them at Ralphio’s House of Swords.

Even before we watched the pilot episode together, my 9- and 7-year-old sons already had a favorite Magisword: the Zombie Pumpkin Magisword (because: zombies). And if I’m being honest, I would be pretty amped if the Excaliburger Magisword was real. It shoots helicopter hamburgers which annoy foes until the burgers are eaten. This could really be helpful at my house around dinnertime. There are about 10 Magiswords that appear semi-regularly, and a host of out-olf left field ones that show up as gags.

Go behind the scenes of Cartoon Network’s Mighty Magiswords!

Mighty Magiswords premiered last year as a series of 15-seconds episodes on the CN Anything app and later this year, the series will get a new app that will allow fans to collect their own Magiswords. I’ve also found minisodes on CN’s YouTube page which are bite-sized adventures, available anytime.

I’m not sure how many wonderfully twisted Megaswords Carrozza has created, but my first grader offers up his own suggestion: The Banana Magisword. He describes it as shaped like a giant banana (duh) which shoots slippery banana peels, as well as the gross banana strings that get stuck to your hands that you have to flap your hands to get off.

Mighty Magiswords > Cartoon Network > Premieres Sept. 29, New Episodes Thursdays at 6:30pm ET/PT